Tea with Ainee has changed logo image photos to being simply teapots and such

Tea with Ainee

ainee's row of teapots

Teatime with ainee’s reading Simply in Season, recipes and inspiration that celebrate fresh, local foods.

“I smell your glory in the air after the rain. I smell your glory in bruised mint leaves being prepared for tea. I smell of your glory on my fingertips after cleansing strawberries for my family to eat. Your glory pervades the air in fragrant blooms of hyacinth, lilac, and rose, in freshly baked bread and Sunday dinner roast…for odors of your glory and the sense of smell, I give you thanks.”—Donna Mast


Teawithainee has been perusing this community cookbook titled Simply in Season by Mary Beth Lind, Cathleen Hockman-Wert

Simply in Season recipes for local fresh foods

This book invites us to bring the good earth into our kitchen and to become a community that is cooking with conscience. The book is organized by season with shared stories from cooks on eating locally. The pleasure of seasonal eating comes alive through gorgeous photographs of dishes and produce, and an expanded fruit and vegetable guide helps you shop for and cook with local foods.—Simple, local, sustainable, and all the while faithful.

Our invitation to take action is to visit a farmers’ market to see what is in season where you live and make the choice to include this in your weeknight menu. Make it a goal to eating two or three seasonal meals a week.  It is something to aspire to, I think.

Of the many recipes shared in this book, some I particularly like is the Strawberry Spinach Salad because it has endless variation with the only given being strawberries and spinach. Another one is one of herb: Dandelion Bacon Salad, Dandelion greens are available at many farmers’ markets. As they can be gathered from the wild; stipulation is to make sure they haven’t been sprayed with pesticides.


Another shared favorite is of tea:

Orange Mint Tea

A light, refreshing beverage inspired by the tea served at the café at the Ten Thousand Villages store in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

3 cups / 750 ml water

5-6 sprigs fresh mint (each about 6 inches / 15 cm, well rinsed)

Bring water to boil in a saucepan. Add mint, cover, remove from heat, and steep 15 minutes or longer. Remove mint.

1/3 cup / 75 ml sugar, or to taste

Add and stir until dissolved. The resulting concentrate may be cooler and frozen for later use.

2 cups / 500 ml orange juice

½ cup / 125 ml lemon juice

Water and ice

Combine juices in a ½ -gallon / 2-L serving pitcher. Add mint concentrate plus water and ice to fill the pitcher. Chill completely and serve garnished with mint springs and thin slices of oranges or lemons (optional). Yields 2 quarts


Teawithainee’s changed logo is yet another start for renewing and kindling of the spirit that is at times shallow and failing at life.  In reading this book, it reminds me to take time and to give thanks to the almighty father whose greatest gift to us is the fertile land and sea. And to give thanks to the farmers’ who raises these food that we take delight in. And perhaps it is not mint tea that is before you, no matter, enjoy your meal and then after, take delight in that cup of tea, as you like it!


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee’s finding another Matcha product; Matcha Milk Bath by Leif

Tea with Ainee

Tea with ainee Dorset teapot wi Sangostone tea cups

Teatime with ainee’s reading of another suggested book from the Conant Library book group and this read is titled: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. It makes for quite a read as I continue to enjoy of my Peach Green Tea with Matcha by Stash.

“Many people are surprised to learn that all teas, white, green, oolong, black and pu-erh are made from the leaves of the same species. While the varietal of the particular Camellia sinensis plant as well as the weather conditions and soil contribute to the final taste of the tea, the significant difference of tea type is developed in the processing of the leaves.”—The Tea Spot

When reading a book that is not to do with culinary and I find of tea mention, it is simply that they are having or fixing a cup of tea; there is not much to it as to say: do you want green, or black tea etc. it is simply; having or fixing of a cup of tea. I like that there is not distinction. Tea is universally global and it is how you like it!


Matcha Milk Bath by LEIF  http://www.leifshop.com/

matcha milk bath by LEIF

This indulgent milk bath made with organic Japanese matcha green tea energizes with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits, while whole milk softens and epsom salts soothe. Made with 100% natural ingredients, there’s also no additional fragrance added, allowing for the unique scent of matcha to shine through.


Teawithainee’s latest read is “We Were Liars” by E. Lockhart; it is this month’s suggested reading group to be read for next group meet-up from the Conant Library.

We were Liars e. Lockhart

Synopsis: We are the Liars. We are beautiful, privileged and live a life of carefree luxury. We are cracked and broken. A story of love and romance. A tale of tragedy. Which are lies? Which is truth? This is how the book begins and ends with a truth as told by Cadence Sinclair Eastman. She also tells us that she suffers migraines, but does not suffer fools. And she likes this twist in the meaning, in that she is one that endures.  Cadence is also an arsonist.

This book has lovely map of the families that stay at the Vineyard for their summer outings. The characters that I am drawn to are Gat, Mirren, Johnny and Cadence because of the book’s ending where only one survives and is left to retell of the story as memory recalls it.

Cadence’s memory of the fire—she remembers it all, “I changed the course of her life. I changed the fate of the family, the liars and I. It was a horrible thing to do. Maybe, but it was something. It wasn’t sitting by and complaining. I am a more powerful person than my mother will ever know. I have trespassed against her and helped her too.

Wow! I am thinking to myself…

Anyhow, it was the wicked witch who taught and brought them matches and told them to strike it—she gave them fire—like Prometheus stealing fire from the Gods and giving it to mankind; but unlike this, the witch disliked these children for their beauty and naïveté; and so the witch taught them about fire in hope they will burn their pretty fingers and skins, for she so despise them for all the gifts they receive…etc.

On this island the elitist of families gathers to play in the sun and it is their children who must spend idle time abiding to the father’s wish; at times not always in agreement. The waiting to inherit and who you can marry and not marry; or the one you end up with, father takes not to liking him for he is different, no matter how eloquent or educated he may be.

“Once upon a time there was a wealthy merchant who had three beautiful daughters. He spoiled them so much that the younger two girls did little all day but sit by the mirror, gazing at their own beauty and pinching their cheeks to make it red.—as he was away on a trip, he promised to bring back to his daughters some souvenirs. …The prized fable to give me your most cherished possession that you come across firstly upon your return and that would be his eldest child—The what factor of this parable is?

“We all know that beauty grows to love the beast. She grows to love him, despite what her family might think – for his charm and education, his knowledge of art and his sensitive heart. Indeed, he is human and always was one. He was never a wild boar / Jackal at all. It was only a hideous illusion. Trouble is that it is awfully hard to convince her father otherwise. Her father sees the jaws, and the snout, he hears the hideous growl, whenever beauty bring her new husband home for a visit. It doesn’t matter how civilized and erudite the husband is. It doesn’t matter how kind. The father sees a jungle animal, and his repugnance will never leave him.”

There are so many themes running in this book; theme of love, youth and beauty vs. parents, next generation, traditional values, & old money; adhering to the parents and waiting to inherit if ever at all. The decision to burn down the estate which is of value to the parents but not to the young since they despise of the house and so they (Gat, Mirren, Johnny and Cadence) decided to burn the house down, leaving only one survivor. As readers are told this is the truth?


For our purpose, is to find tea haps’ stance and I took note of some.

Tea mentioned:

“My tea is warm, the liars are beautiful, Cuddletown is beautiful. It doesn’t matter if there are stains on the wall. It doesn’t matter if I have headaches or Mirren is sick. It doesn’t matter if Will has nightmares and Gat hates himself. We have committed the perfect crime.”

“Dad was a middling—successful professor of military history. Back then I adored him. He wore tweed jackets. He was gaunt. He drank milky tea. He was fond of board games and let me win, fond of boats and taught me to kayak, fond of bicycles, books and art museums.”

““The Cuddletown door is locked. I bang until Johnny appears, wearing the clothes he had on last night.” I am making pretentious tea,” he says.”

“Johnny looks me in the eyes for a longtime but doesn’t say a word. Eventually he turns and goes into the kitchen. I follow. Johnny pours hot water from the kettle into teacups.”


Darby’s Bakery  http://darbysbakery.com/

With regards to teacups, I happened to be in West Boylston earlier in the week to purchase some sweets for another library event. I was at Darby’s Bakery for this purchase and I viewed some of their new tea tins that contain a variety of tea but not of just one brand. This I liked, because this is how I keep of teas when bought. I take them out of their boxes and packets and simply place them in my tea tins. I don’t bother with discerning which brand of tea or type. I wake to fix a cup of tea and reach for a tea tin knowing that it will be a favorite regardless.

tea tins assortment at Darbys Bakery


I also viewed this large saucer and cup nearby their cash register.


large saucer and cup at Darbys Bakery

One can never know when tea sighting is bound to happen; where, oh where will it be and how excited I will be for this.


Teawithainee is astounded since one can never know when tea sighting is bound to happen; where, oh where it will be and how excited I will be for this. A flagged moment during my reading on line of reviews and posts for the book: “We were liars” stated as such: “If you want to live where people are not afraid of mice, you must give up living in palaces.”  It is with these words that I leave readers/viewers of this blog to ponder and feast upon, leaving me a comment even as to what is meant. I am a minion and a tea drinker whose cadence is to implore everyone, to drink your tea as you like it!


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee, Finding a new Stash Tea (Ginger Peach Green Tea with Matcha)

Tea with Ainee

Tea with ainee Dorset teapot wi Sangostone tea cups

Teatime with ainee’s viewing of the BBC production of Jamaica Inn by Daphne Du Maurier and finding of a new Stash Tea while grocery shopping.

The tea ceremony is only the beginning. I say onto you: Your every act should be a ceremony. If you can bring your consciousness, your awareness, and your intelligence to the act, if you can be spontaneous, then there is no need for any other religion. Life itself will be the religion.“—Osho


Teawithainee did attend the reading group at the Conant library’s Baker Room. Discussed was the book Jamaica Inn by Daphne Du Maurier.  It was a good gathering; one of the librarians had a collection of historical facts on Du Maurier that she gladly shared with us; the author’s history, her writing style which we all agreed is quite gothic and made several members too scared to read on; at times they had to put down their reading and return to it another day.

The book Jamaica Inn came with many jackets over the years and this was passed around the room, so members could see the different ones.  Wikipedia was another source used to research Daphne’s work and history.

Several group members agreed that they did not like the leading male character named Joss Merlyn and many were surprised by the turn of events as Mary Yellen (central character) chose to be with Jem by books end.

Another aspect of the book learned about was of the house, that being the inn as it was characterized as chilled, creepy sounds as the wind bellowed on the shore into the earth, and unto the grounds general area surrounding the inn. The house became like that of a possessed lover/demon and perhaps why those who came to the inn did not stay there long; for they were frightened and driven away.

Also discussed were the films made of Jamaica Inn and some members did not like the Hitchcock version as he tends to embellish; what is meant is that, he does not stick to the plot as taken directly from the book. A few members of the group were waiting to get hold of the BBC production of Jamaica Inn.

In all it was a good group to meet up with.


I was able to obtain the BBC production of Jamaica Inn through my town’s library. This version is similar to the book’s narration. I think I favored the Hitchcock’s version more as the brutish Josh resembled this version best.

Jamaica Inn Acorn production

Orphaned by her Mother’s Death, Mary Yellan travels to Cornwall to join her aunt, Patience. Arriving at the isolated Jamaica Inn, Mary is met by a brutish menacing man –her uncle, Joss. She soon learns that no guests stay at the inn for long, and Joss is part of a savage gang of smugglers. Meanwhile, she’s drawn to the handsome, mysterious Jem Merlyn, Joss’s younger brother.

This film is set in 1821 and it follows a spirited young woman, Mary Yellan, whose sense of morality is challenged by circumstance and love.


Films and movies are a good way to view of a story and at times depicting light where there may have been darkness or no comprehension. As for tea, this is more what Teawithainee is about. And while at the grocery store last, I came to find that The Stash Tea Company was selling some new teas and I purchased one because it contained Matcha.


The Stash Tea Company  www.stashtea.com

Ginger Peach Green Tea

Ginger Peach Green Tea wi Matcha Stash

A delicious Blend of green tea, with a juicy peach flavor and sharp ginger with a touch of Matcha: the Japanese ceremony tea. Matcha is similar to Gyokuro green tea in that it is an early season, high grade, shade-grown tea. After steaming, the tea leaf is finely ground to produce a light and fine green powder.


Natural ingredients

Green tea, ginger root, peach flavor and Matcha.


To savor the full flavor of our teas, bring fresh water to just below boil, pour hot water directly over the tea bag in a pre-heated pot or cup. Brew 1-3 minutes or to desired taste. One tea bag makes 8 ounces of hot tea. For iced tea, brew double strength.

This tea is light in color, pale green and the tea bag reveals what seems to look like a Gyokuro mixture in the bag. Also, seeing this makes me think of Genmaicha tea but it is not. It is peach tea through and through with hints of ginger with some matcha added in for better to enjoy this tea.


Teawithainee’s month continues to plug away, as the days are shortened at times with not much sunshine. I am happy to have met up with this reading group and hear the group discuss Jamaica Inn. Thanks for having me, ladies. I am also happy with having found this new Stash GingerPeach Tea with Matcha. It is a delightful cup of tea to have nicely hot or iced.  I implore everyone, to drink your tea as you like it!


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee’s another good read by Dapne Du Maurier

Tea with Ainee

Tea with ainee Dorset teapot wi Sangostone tea cups

Teatime with ainee’s reads ‘Don’t Look Now’ by Daphne Du Maurier

“We must be our own before we can be another’s.”

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

“The ancestor of every action is a thought.” — Spiritual Laws

It is in friendship and in nature that great man like Emerson drew inspiration from, in such let’s all aspire to doing the same.


Teawithainee continues with her enjoyment in reading Du Maurier’s books. This next one is titled: Don’t Look Now.

Don't Look Now by Daphne Du Maurier

About the author:

Daphne Du Maurier grew up in London and Cornwall, where she later settled in her adult life. She has written some seventeen novels: Rebecca, Jamaica Inn, My Cousin Rachel to name but a few. Most of her books became best-sellers.  She also wrote several family biographies, a biography of Bromwell Brontё, a study of Cornwall, two plays, and a good deal of journalism. She was married and is the mother of three children.

This story is of tension being built with too many incidents leading up to the inevitable ending in tragedy thus releasing the reader’s angst and yet feeling relieved and relaxed by books end.

The book is a compilation of several short stories; one of which is same title as the book. It is the story of a husband and wife who have loss a young child and their relationship is at odds; strained from the grief that the wife continues to experience. The husband takes her on holiday to Italy hoping to uplift her spirit and perhaps to have the wife he had before. While abroad, one day at dinner they meet two sisters, one of whom is seemingly staring at the husband; and he says to his wife: ‘don’t look now, but I think that lady over there is eyeing me’ and such begins their game. As it turns out that one sister eyeing the husband is blind and supposed to have seen their deceased daughter seated next to them at dinner. The story ends in tragedy for the husband who is stabbed by a dwarf dressed in an over-sized red hood, for the husband thought he was following his deceased daughter. And where was his wife? On a plane home to their son who was to have been ill.  She rushes back to the states for fear of losing yet another child.

It is conveniently plotted in an ideally, beautiful setting with an ending not at all expected. For much was suggested by both husband and wife to the happenings around them; when in reality it is the husband who succumbs to danger and never seeing it, until the very end. A climatic ending for this short read. Similarly, in another short story, the husband succumbs to a stroke and dies leaving behind his wife who inherits the house they were to have been selling. She takes delight in the fact to not have to move and to simply enjoy her surroundings more.


For our purpose, is to find tea haps’ stance and I noted only two.

Tea mentioned:

“Will you come in?” asked the sister. “I am sure we can find  you some coffee, or perhaps you prefer tea?”

“Mrs. Ellis supposed she should have called, been more friendly, had them for tea, but after all, people did not expect that unless they lived in the country, it was out of date.”


The Picnic by Marnie Hanel, Andrea Slonecker & Jen Stevenson

The Picnic by Marnie Hanel, Andrea Slonecker  Jen Stevenson

Recipes and Inspiration from Basket to Blanket, this is a lovely little book compilation on what is needed to have a picnic.  The book has ideas on how to find the perfect location to laying down that blanket which you’ve selected with the help of this book. And most importantly for a picnic is how to pack the basket with the goodies needed to have a perfect day on the grass atop a hill or such place.

The book has a section on teas; which for us at Teawithainee is primed.

The Basics of Brewing Iced Tea

Make a concentrated hot tea and pour it over ice for a result that’s perfectly balanced every time. This is the authors’ suggestion:

Bring 8 cups water to a boil, and then let it stand off the heat until its 180 Fahrenheit, or about 5 minutes. Measure ¼ cup of loose-leaf tea directly into a large container, or into a large tea infuser, and pour the hot water over it. Steep according to the directions on the tea box or simply follow your taste buds-the stronger and more tannic you prefer the tea, the longer it should steep. Most teas average a steeping time of 3 to 5 minutes.  (Take care not to overdo it, as longer steeps/infusion may make the tea bitter) While the tea is steeping, fill your pitcher or beverage dispenser with 8 cups of ice, and then pour your tea directly over the ice. (If the tea is straining loose in the water, strain it through a fine-mesh sieve.)


Suggest that we use the above instruction and to simply add all the trimming, or experiment with blends. Just mix in any liquid sweetener (syrup or honey) before you pour the hot, freshly brewed tea over ice, and add other ingredients—like fruit, herbs and pieces after the tea is fully chilled.

Some of their suggested concoctions are:

A whole new pearl; To Jasmine pearl tea, add 8 springs of fresh lavender.

Sen-cha-cha-cha; To Sencha tea, add 12 English cucumber, thinly sliced, and three 8 inch stalks of lemongrass, sliced vertically and bruised with the side of a chef’s knife.

Vanilla-Peach Sweet Tea; To Ceylon tea, add ¼ cup Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup, 1 spent vanilla bean, and 1 peach, thinly sliced.

Triple Mint; To peppermint tea, add ¼ cup Mint Simple Syrup 1 bunch fresh mint, and 1 cup fresh raspberries.

Red Tea at Night…Picnicker’s Delight; To Rooibos tea, add 1 tablespoon honey, 1 orange, thinly sliced into rounds, and 3 cinnamon sticks.

Garden in a Glass; To white peony tea, add 8 sprigs chervil or parsley and a handful of pansies.

Can’t Go Wrong Oolong; to oolong tea, add 1 nectarine, thinly sliced and 3 star anise pods. I particularly would like to try this one since oolong is an old favorite.

This book is a lovely book to have for those of us who are planners of events-get-together.  Enjoy!


Teawithainee’s month is plugging away as I find more and more things to read and possibly enjoy. I saw this quote which states “Drink your own cool-aid! If you don’t believe in what you are doing, why should anyone else.”—Yael Cohen

This is such a true stance and yet at times it is difficult to keep at it when there is not a reaping of merits. I like to think that teawithainee is for enjoyment but not. It is for sharing and to keep track of how I spend of my idle time.


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee’s thriftiness at a thrift shop gotten me this cherish plate.

Tea with Ainee

Tea with ainee Dorset teapot wi Sangostone tea cups

Teatime with ainee’s latest finding of a plate with some history of a Methodist Church

“To believe your own thought, is to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men, — that is genius.” — Self-Reliance

“Our greatest glory is not to ever have failed, but in rising up every time we fail.”

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”

The Conduct Of Life

Teawithainee finds treasures when least expecting of this. I will cherish it as a treasure, a troth of a history to be shared.

Whitmire Methodist Church plate

The Whitmire Methodist Church (Whitmire, South Carolina)

In 1892, Rev, W.A. Betts organized the Whitmire Methodist Church, the first religious organization of any denomination to be established in town. Most of the lumber was donated. The late Mr. J. D. Tidmarsh hauled the lumber for the first building situated at the corner of Main and Glenn. Rev. S.T. Blackman was the first pastor; Charles Tidmarsh and John P. Fant were the first stewards.

In 1904, a more spacious church was built on the corner of Church and Union.

In 1921, the present church was erected and Bishop U.V.W. Darlington delivered the first sermon in the edifice. Bishop Darlington returned October 18, 1931 to dedicate the church.


This was such a lovely find. I like the etchings and the blue image of the church embossed on the plate with gold trim. On the plates back is its lovely history.


Teawithainee, is trying to be a part of another book club reading. The book being read is title: Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier

Jamaica Inn by DuMaurier

A young girl keeps a promise to her dying mother, who wanted her go and lives with her Aunt Patience and her husband Joss Merlyn at their Inn. So that when her mother died and the house was taken from her; as Mary puts it: “This man made her an interloper in her own home, and she could see from his eye he wanted her to be gone, and she had no other thought now but to be away and out of it all, and her back turned forever.

Mary did receive letter from her aunt Patience accepting that she go live with them at the Inn. “It’s a wild and lonely spot, and if you were to come to us, I should be glad of your company, wintertime. I have asked your uncle, and he does not object, he says, if you are quiet-spoken and not a talker, and will give help when needed. He cannot give you money, or feed you for nothing, as you will understand. He will expect your help in the bar, in return for your board and lodging. You see, your uncle is the landlord of Jamaica Inn.

Mary arrived at the Inn and was given a room, food and shelter; in time she came to be working at the bar; her duty was to stand behind the bar, hidden as much as possible, and then do what washing and cleaning of glasses was required, refilling them from tap or bottle, while Joss Merlyn himself handed them to his customers or lifted the flap of the bar and strode out into the room, laughing at one, flinging a coarse word at another, patting someone on the shoulder…etc. In time they came to accept Mary as the niece of the landlord, a sort of servingmaid of Merlyn’s wife, as she was introduced, and, though one or two of the younger men would have spoken to her and plagued her, they were wary of the eye of the Landlord himself, fearing that any familiarity on their part might anger him.

There is more to loathe of this landlord Merlyn; and yet we did get a privy into his psyche and weakness as explained by the landlord himself. “I’ll tell you what it is.” He said. “It’s drink. It’s a curse, and I know it. I can’t stop myself. One it’ll be the end of me, and a good job too. There’s days go by and I don’t touch more than a drop, same as I’ve done tonight. And then I’ll feel the thirst come on me and I’ll soak for hours. Its power, and glory, and women, and the kingdom of God, all rolled into one. I feel a King then, Mary. I feel I’ve got the string of the world between my two fingers. It’s heaven and hell.”

Merlyn is aware of his weakness and does Mary a favor by providing her with an explanation. As for his wife Patience, we as readers see two sides; the good and kind aunt when her husband is not about the grounds, when he is traveling. Aunt Patience fix her a lovely meal with fresh eggs and allows for her to go wandering about the grounds and to enjoy getting to know the place where her uncle hailed from. And when her husband is return and is at the Inn, Patience is like that of a ghost. “As soon as his laughter died away the smile faded from Aunt Patience’s face, and the strained, haunted expression returned again, the fixed, almost idiot stare that she wore habitually in the presence of her husband.”

Early on I found some tea mentioning in the book and took time to jot some of them down.


Tea mentioned:

I’ll have a cup of tea if I may.” said Mary. “I’m not used to drinking spirits, nor wine neither!

Oh, you’re not? Well, it’s your loss, I’m glad to say you can have your tea tonight, but, by God, you’ll want some brandy in a month or two.

Patience, my dear,” he said, “here’s the key. Go and fetch me a bottle of brandy, for the Lord’s sake, I’ve a thirst on me that all the waters of Dozmary would not slake.” His wife hurried across the passage. Then he fell to picking his teeth again, whistling from time to time, while Mary ate her bread and butter and drank the tea that he placed before her.”

I’ve been to Inns before, smaller ones than this by far. There was an inn at home, in the village. The landlord was a friend of ours. Many a time mother and I had tea in the parlour and upstairs, though there were only two rooms, they were furnished and fitted for travellers.


Jamaica Inn ends with Mary Yellan and Jem leaving and heading into destinations unbeknownst to them, Tamar. Mary wanted to be by Jem’s side because it is where she wants and belongs; when asked by Jem “Why are you sitting here besides me, then?” “Because I want to; because I must; because now and for ever more this is where I belong to be,” said Mary. He laughed then and took her hand and gave her the reins; and she did not look back over her shoulder again, but set her face towards the Tamar.”

With the book’s ending, I want to share some more quotes seeming applicable to such an ending with the prospect of a new beginning.

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” — The Conduct Of Life

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.


Teawithainee’s month is plugging away as I find more and more things to read and possibly enjoy. I like frequenting of the thrift shop and finding that lovely plate. I like that I may attend a book reading at one of the libraries that I frequent and sit in on their discussion of Jamaica Inn. As habitual, let this blog be as a simple reminder to slow down and relax in the enjoyment of a good book, and a nicely warmed cup of tea as you like it.


Whitmire Methodist Church plate back of

Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee’s readings, antiquing and finding new teas.

Tea with Ainee

Tea with ainee Dorset teapot wi Sangostone tea cups

Teatime with ainee’s reading The Twelve Clues of Christmas by Rhys Bowen

‘Tea warms the soul liken to the atmosphere’s global warming; difference is that tea is good for everyone, globally.’—

Of the many books that I have selected to read of late, I come to find tea mentioned in this mystery of a read.

The Twelve Clues of Christmas by Rhys Bowen

The Twelve Clues of Christmas by Rhys Bowen

A posh holiday party leaves but dead bodies in its wake; one fallen from a tree, another seeming like suicide, yet still others are bumped off, and all of this seems to be a curse in the making or not.

Tea happenstance upon includes the following:

“I awoke to find Queenie standing over me, with a tea tray in her hands. “Morning, my lady,” she said. “I‘ve brought your tea.”

“And what did you say?” I took a sip of deliciously strong tea. “I said good, ‘cause they were going to be run off their feet with this house party.”

“Morning tea, my lady,” she said.

“Reluctantly leaving the warmth of my bed and taking a good swig of tea.”


I don’t always expect to find tea mentioning while reading but since doing of this, I encountered them more and when least expected. An example of a least expected happened as I was reading this book titled: Come to the Edge, a memoir by Christina Haag.

I had been reading several books to do with the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and it was upon selecting some titles to do with her that I came to know of this one of her son John F. Kennedy, Jr.; this book tells of the love story between the author, Christina Haag, and John. They attended the same preparatory school’s circle of friends and they both ended up attending Brown University and while living in New York City, they were cast in an off-Broadway play together. Anyhow, it seems they were thrust onto each other time and again. Destiny would have them coupling soon enough.

I found the tittle to be more titillating than the book implies because each person was dating other people and when left alone it seem they turn to each other. I think John was always trying to find normalcy and not legacy or fame as was his fate. He was made out to be more than he was, and this is my unsolicited opinion.

Anyhow, for our purpose here; is to do with tea or having of tea being mentioned. It happened early on while reading and this did not make me want to delve more into the book. I am sorry to say.

On one of those harried nights before graduation, when I was careening between ACT in San Francisco and Julliard in New York, she made us tea and told me to keep a question in mind as I held the cards. I thought of Julliard, the tomblike building where I’d gone to ballet school, and of the Old Russian dancers who’d flicked our shins into alignment with their long tapered sticks. Then I’d imagine ACT and the sunlit classrooms where I’d been so happy the summer before.

Aside from the tea mention, I find it fascinating that those with means and intelligence would turn to tarot cards for a light shone into which way to travel, what choice to be made, and will he stay or leave me; etc. etc.

This is a book of the children of famous families trying to find normalcy and make a life of their own; at times they are good at it; but never building the legacy similarly of which they were born into. I guess times are different and perhaps those who didn’t have try hardest because they hunger for power and success more than their children.


2015-05-14 18.51.53Teawithainee, also took the time to attend a mystery group writers discussion at the Leominster Library (Sisters in Crime, Presents: Death in Shorts!) was the flyer depicted at the front desk in the library where one retrieve or return of books; I found out about it unexpectedly and I wrote it on my calendar and I took the time to attend on the night it was offered.  It was a lovely time to be had.

There was no tea served but there was a tray of cookies and other sweets.

2015-05-14 18.51.18

It seems the group ‘Sisters in Crime’ gather yearly at the library, and this was their once a year visit. There is a New England Chapter for Sisters in Crime; website is www.sincne.org there were four women mystery writers for this event: Kate Flora, Janet Halpin, Ruth McCarty, and Susan Oleksiw.


2015-05-14 19.04.59 2015-05-14 18.53.07 2015-05-14 18.52.55 2015-05-14 20.12.29

postcards of books and recipes susan oleksiwI was given several recipe post cards by Susan Oleksiw which shows some of her publications (Under the Eye of Kali, For the Love of Parvati, and The Wrath of Shiva). I don’t know that if one can denote from reading the titles that her mysteries are set or is to with India. Anyhow, on the back of the post-cards are cooking recipes and I wanted to share one here with readers. This is why I am making mention; that and to wrap up the ‘mystery theme’ that began this post.

Recipe is Simple Chicken Curry

2 chicken breasts, skinned and boned, cut in small pieces

2 Tbsps oil

1 chopped onion

1 inch fresh ginger root, finely chopped

1 Tbsp butter

½ tsp cumin

½ tsp. turmeric

1 tsp. coriander

½ tsp. nutmeg

2 Tbsps yogurt

3 Tbsps tomato sauce

2 cups chicken broth

In a large skillet brown chicken in oil. Remove from pan and set aside.

In same pan cook onions till beginning to brown.

Add ginger and cook for 2 minutes.

Add butter and pieces; cook for 2 minutes, stirring often.

Gradually add yogurt.

Gradually add tomato sauce.

Simmer 5 minutes

Add broth and simmer 5 minutes.

Return chicken to pan. Cover and simmer 30 minutes

Sauce should be light syrup.

Transfer to blow and serve with rice.

Serves 4. This is a mild curry.


Antiques are another joy for Teawithainee, and I must make mention of new shops as I stumble into them or as I am made aware of them.

Hunt & Gather Vintage Market  Princeton, MA

Owners are Heather and Stephen Bukovski; formerly of Verbayna Antiques in Sterling, MA. This is how I came to know them and when they move to Princeton, they made mention of the move and today we visited their location. It is big and very spacious with lots of surprises for lovers of antiques, steampunk and hand made goods. Good luck to you both in your new area.

Whilst there I found several lovely teapots that I could not resists taking pics of them to share with viewers. Enjoy of them as I have.

teapots from Hunt & Gather Antiques

teapots from Hunt & Gather Antiques

Japan teapot blue and white at Hunt & Gather Antiques Nippon teapot with tray at Hunt & Gather Antiques small floral teapot at Hunt & Gather Antiques


Oh My Gosh Antiques in Sterling, MA is favorite place that I used to frequent quite a bit, but not lately. So last week I took a chance and visited with them. I told the proprietor that I had no money on me and that I simply wanted to browse, to spend some time walking around and not to be in the library all day long as I usually am.

I found that they were displaying some tea boxes and upon having a closer look, I find that it is indeed teas from Tea4USA; Premium Ceylon Tea and one can visit their website at http://www.tea4usa.com

I took some pics of the tea boxes and of some teapots from several other vendors as I walked around Oh My Gosh.

Tea4USA premium ceylon Tea

Tea4USA premium ceylon Tea

Tea4USA Earl Grey, Mint, Jasmine

Tea4USA Earl Grey, Mint Herbal and Chamomile


 teapot set from Oh My Gosh Antiques

teapot set from Oh My Gosh Antiques

small teapot and teacup set  pinkish

small teapot and teacup set pinkish


Teawithainee, has had a fairly busy month of activities and I am happy to share them here with viewers.  I dab at tea with not a purposeful intent but rather as I stumble upon or as I am put in places doing with tea. I surrender and take a pic here and there and I compile of them in this blog. I continue on this journey as a wish to share some tea knowledge and experiences with viewers; let it be as a simple reminder to slow down and relax in the enjoyment of a good book, and a nicely warmed cup of tea as you like it.


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

Websites & FYI,

Brittany Nickerson of Thyme Herbal has a book recording her herbal expertise. It is to be recommended and made use of. I met Brittany while attending The Natural Living Expo some years earlier, as she was demonstrating a class on how to ferment of food and why it is important to do so.

“The beloved Herbal Homestead Journal has been published into a book! Filled with beautiful illustrations, this book brings you through each season of the year offering herbal wisdom, recipes and advice to help you live a life of health, connected to the natural world around you.

Organized by month, each chapter offers articles related to health and nutrition, herbal materia medica and medicine making, seasonal self-care and cooking.” Visit their page at http://www.thymeherbal.com/herbal-homestead-journal-book/

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Tea with Ainee–Art in a Cup series of postcards purchased while in book shop

Tea with Ainee

Tea with ainee Dorset teapot wi Sangostone tea cups

Teatime with ainee with Art in a Cup (Cups and Saucers in a series of post card).

“The sounds of the tea being made invite the peach blossoms to peep in through the window. ~Uson, quoted in Sasaki Sanmi, Sadô Saijiki”

I visited this vintage bookstore, Rodney’s Bookstore in Central Square where they have quite a selection of eccentric or perhaps esoteric is best for describing this shop.  In that it is to each, their own interpretation; while some may be more accurate than another.

I was there to purchase some thank you cards and found these lovely cups and saucers post card and I wanted to brand them here with teawithainee.  Take delight!


Art in a Cup: Cups and Saucers (1860-1950)

Japanese teacup and saucer, 1874

Soft paste porcelain hand-painted with floral motifs

George Jones & Sons Ltd., Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

Art in a cup Japanese Teacup and Saucer 1874

Art in a Cup: Cups and Saucers (1860-1950)

Maurice Dufrène, France

Teacup and saucer with abstract floral design, c. 1902

Hand painted porcelain

Designed for la Maison Moderne, Paris (made in Limoges)

Art in a cup Maurice Dufrene, France Teacup and saucer 1902

Art in a Cup: Cups and Saucers (1860-1950)

Lotus lapover-edge cup with saucer, 1879

Sterling silver and copper, silver applications

Tiffany & Co., New York

The cards are from Pomgrenate in Rohnert Park, CA

Art in a cup Lotus lapover-edge cup with saucer, 1879


Teawithainee has not wanted to continue with continuous posting as before. But these littlest gems needed a simple write up, reminding me that there is still beauty and delight to be found in things to doing with tea. I tote water and not tea days long, with the exception for my end of day cup of tea. I can’t implore as these tea reads are for mine own pleasure and dismay. Ah, these post cards were truly a delight to be had. I passed up on this box of thank you card which was another treasure all together, costing a bit more than I had with me. No matter, I was happy if only for flitting moment. Awe still.


Art in a cup  backcover of Japanese Teacup and Saucer 1874

Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

Websites:  http://www.rodneysbookstore.com/

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