Tea with Ainee’s Matcha happenings with recipes from newsletters and a magazine

Tea with Ainee

ainee's row of teapots

Teatime with ainee is sharing recipes and news on Matcha Tea.

 In the Way of Tea, the greatest hindrances are ego and attachment to self. One must never begrudge a master or condescend to a beginner. A tea wayfarer must happily approach the master, beseeching their guidance, and whenever possible offer such to the inexperience.”—sen murata juko

Matcha is a powdered leaf traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony. It is whisked with boiling water in a bowl to create a frothy, bright-green, nourishing beverage. Matcha is high in vitamin C and the finest grades are sweet and smooth.


I may have mentioned this newsletter that I read from time: The Daily Tea (http://www.thedailytea.com/recipes/matcha-lemonade-cocktail-recipe/) and they have a recipe for Matcha Lemonade Cocktail made with Mizuchi Matcha worthy of mentioning:

Matcha Lemonade Cocktail (makes one drink)


1 tablespoon Mizuchi Matcha Lemonade blend

1.5 oz Premium Vodka

1/2 lemon, sliced

3 slices of cucumber

Soda Water

*Agave, optional

Muddle cucumbers and lemon slices in the bottom of a cocktail shaker with a wooden spoon. Sift the matcha lemonade blend into the cocktail shaker. Add the vodka (and agave if you prefer it sweetened), and shake vigorously to mix the matcha for a smooth sip. Strain out the contents into a glass filled with ice and then top off with soda water and enjoy!


This matcha recipe is from Health Magazine September issue.

Matcha-pistachio Chocalte truffles recipe health mag

Matcha-Pistachio Chocolate Truffles (prep: 45 minutes)

3 cups diary free premium dark chocolate chips at 65% cacao

½ cup heavy cream, at room temperature

1 tbsp. plus 1 tsp. matcha powder

1/3 cup pistachios, shelled and pulsed in a food processor to a fine meal

  1. Line a loaf pan or shallow bowl with parchment. In a large saucepan, bring 2 to 3 cups of water to a simmer. Place a heatproof glass or stainless steel bowl over saucepan. Add chocolate chops and heavy cream to bowl. Mix well with a spatula as chocolate melts.
  2. Remove bowl from heat and stir in 1 tbsp. matcha. Transfer chocolate mixture to a line pan or bowl. Let cool to room temperature. Refrigerate for at least 90 minutes to solidify.
  3. Using a small melon baller or ice cream scoop, portion truffle mixture and mold with your hands into 1-inc balls. (Lightly moisten your palms if mixture feels sticky.) Fill a small bowl with crushed pistachios, pressing nuts gently into surface. Using a fine mesh strainer or sifter, dust truffles with 1 tsp. matcha.
  4. Transfer truffles to paper cupcake liners or parchment lined tin and refrigerate until ready to serve.


Teawithainee is taking it easy with this new month because I am unsure of how to brace the changes that I seem to be in for. This path was not chosen by me and yet it is where I am; lots of uncertainties and anxiousness because I am alone in my experiences. I mean what happens is my fault somehow; I can’t make good things happen but only bad. Anyhow, I am sharing some matcha tea recipes; some viewed online, while another is taken from a magazine at the library when last I was there. Of late it is a cup of water that keeps me company; I do implore everyone to continue with the enjoyment of that good cup of tea, as you like it.


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!


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Tea with Ainee Urban Moonshine, mugs, and such at Plymouth Notch

Tea with Ainee

ainee's row of teapots

Teatime with ainee is finishing discussing her time spent in Vermont with Urban Moonshine.

 I can drink tea until the cows come home and I Love the atmosphere in tea shops.”

—zola budd

During our visit to Plymouth Notch, the home of Calvin Coolidge, we toured the Plymouth Cheese Factory where they had several items from Urban Moonshine; Bitters they were, but I did not purchase any, I simply viewed of them.

Urban Moonshine   https://www.urbanmoonshine.com/

Bitters: Organic Digestive Bitters

Urban Moonshine Bitters at Plymouth Notch Cheese Factory

Crafted from exceptional blends of certified organic Vermont herbs and roots, complimented by a few worldly exotics, our digestive bitters revive the tradition of dazzling the palate while priming digestion. At Urban Moonshine we believe the root of good health is great digestion. Bitter challenges the body, alerting it through taste that a complex food is being ingested, more complex than heavily processed food. It is very important for the body to have enough challenge— challenge keeps us strong, on our toes, ready for action! Bitters are like the gym for the digestive system, they help to keep it toned. Our brilliant tongue is like the doorbell to the digestive system and when we taste something bitter it rings that doorbell—all the digestive organs get “turned on”. They start to secrete digestive juices in preparation for the incoming food.  In this way bitter flavor is essential to good health.

I also saw these lovely mugs created for the shop in the Cheese Factory; they had quite a number of items made for their gift shop and this was nice to view as well.

mugs at the Plymouth Cheese Store at Plymouth Vermont mugs cups from Plymouth Cheese Artisan shop


Teawithainee remembered viewing of some bitters while at the Cheese Factory at Plymouth Notch in Vermont and sharing of this here.  I think it is enough to say that this vacation in Vermont was truly enjoyable and well worth the time spent.


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee finding this book titled Darjeeling

Tea with Ainee

ainee's row of teapots

Teatime with ainee while at a book shop in Vermont found book on Darjeeling Tea.

Darjeeling Beautiful Darjeeling in West Bengal I heard you call my name.
Like a siren you have lured me to your slopes and sun filled glades.
How could I resist the urge to come and join you there.
To be assailed by your beauty, smell your perfumed air.
I sit here in your paradise, from my pen the words do flow.
I sit and write of what I see and hear and watch the poem grow.”—Joe Cole


When visiting Woodstock, we often stop in this bookshop, The Yankee Bookstore, and on this visit I viewed this book titled: Darjeeling and being that it was to do with the world’s famous tea, I thought to take some pics of the book while there. Since returning home I tried to retrieve this book from the library because it is a new book, the library is not able to obtain it for their circulation.

Darjeeling The worlds' greatest tea by Jeff Koehler


Darjeeling by Jeff Koeler it is the story of the colorful history and precarious fate of the world’s greatest tea.

Darjeeling by Jeff Koeler inside front flap A vibrant Chronicle Illuminating the  Silverneedle at Glenburn tea garden book inside flap of Darjeeling by Jeff Koeler

Darjeeling (India) Exquisite small leafed varietal grown in the foothills of the Himalayas (“Darjeeling” means “Land of the Thunderbolt”); it’s known for its clarity, light but flavorful cup, and complex characteristics-including a distinctive “Muscat” aroma. Darjeeling teas are always produced by the orthodox method, and leaves are internationally broken during manufacture. The closely planted Darjeeling gardens roll up the mountainsides from 3000 to 6000 feet; the higher the elevations yield lighter, more flowery teas. Similar to wine, Darjeeling’s are sometimes identified and sold by estate (the plantation where the leaves were grown, such as Glenburn, Bloomfield, Namring, or Castleton).

Darjeeling teas are expensive and scarce, and are rarely sold unblended. When leaves come from a single harvest and are unblended, it is called vintage.—Tea Chings


Teawithainee liked that while in a bookshop and not expecting to find books on tea, did find this one on the rarest and most expensive tea.


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee

ainee's row of teapots

Teatime with ainee visited this artist studio on a whim and found her to be most endearing.

Teapot Such a frail little thing
The edge of this teapot
One wrong touch and I could see it shatter the world
One wrong caress, a wrong word with a double edge
The wrong way, the wrong light, the wrong love
Such a frail little thing
So many ways to torture
But it can’t go through life untouched
They hit it hard and fast and take away its structure
They place it where it doesn’t go and expect it to stay
Such a frail little thing could break under the pressure of a life that takes too much before it gives
So let’s strap it with tape and love while it’s hit and protect it for as long as we can
And when the day comes that it finally starts to break we can only hope that it’s ready to stand.”—Anonymous

Fossilglass Woodstock, VT  www.cristinasalusti.com/


Artist Cristina Salusti is both sculptor, ceramic and glass artist. She has achieved recognition with distinction in both fields and chose to keep the works separate but in her shop, she borrows from her years as a stone sculptor to create highly personal ceramic (PiattiSalusti) and glass (Fossilglass) collections, which are still known from their stone and fossil textures.

She and her family moved from the bustling city of New York to the calm and quaint countryside of Woodstock, Vermont. It took time to learn to appreciate this new soundless surrounding and to experiment and find her way to being the artist that she is today. Her landscape and images resonate of things from history of long ago; thus the fossil, the backbone through which all things are made from or composed. Musing on the abandoned items and bringing to life their personal stories; this is her craft to the world as we know of her art today.

Window sill of teapots

20150821_155627 20150821_155617

20150821_155607       20150821_155555

Pillows with quotes

20150821_152652   20150821_152421

20150821_152508 20150821_152228


Teawithainee prompted a visit to the shop of this artist. We drove past her studio daily on the way out of town and always it was the teapots on the window sill in her shop that drew my attention so much that I said, we must pay a visit and we did. The shop was closed but we waited outside until she appeared and invited us in. She spoke with us for quite a bit of time. She spoke of New York and moving to Woodstock and finally settling in with her family and not ever wanting to leave the land that is Vermont. It seems she’s found home; her little bit of heaven. I have no idea if she prefers tea or coffee.


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee viewing of many teas in the shops at the Antique Mall and Marketplace

Tea with Ainee

ainee's row of teapots

 Teatime with ainee enjoyed viewing the tea shelves at Vermont’s Antique Mall at Quechee.

Steam rises from a cup of tea
and we are wrapped in history,
inhaling ancient times and lands,
comfort of ages in our hands.”—faith greenbowl

Quechee Village Antique Mall in Vermont cropped

The Vermont Antique Mall & Marketplace  http://www.quecheegorge.com/the-marketplace.php

This place features over 450 booths in over 18,000 climate controlled square feet. Many beautifully decorated booths filled with antiques, jewelry and collectibles and it is Vermont’s largest and most popular antique center. While at the Antique mall, I took noticed of their tea display and actually purchased one Green tea with rooibos and vanilla and it is quite nice. I took pics of the tea shelves and I am sharing it here. That is all.

Artisan Tea and Vermont Green Mountain Country Tea at Quechee Gorge Village Antiques Mall Vermont Artisan Tea at Quechee Gorge Village Antiques Mall Vermont Maple teas shelves at Quechee Gorge Village Antiques Mall Vermont teapot holders mugs teapots at Quechee Gorge Village Antiques Mall Vermont Vermont Tea and Trading Co at Quechee Gorge Village Antiques Mall Vermont


Teawithainee is reminisced of a vacation over too soon. I enjoyed seeing so many fine things to do with tea because I took particular time for viewing of them this year; and it all began with noting this tea display available to the guests at the Inn where we stayed. I am so very thankful for the experiences.

Vermont Liberty Tea box upclose at Applebutter Inn

Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!


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Tea with Ainee and The Country stores of Vermont

Tea with Ainee

ainee's row of teapots

Teatime with ainee enjoyed viewing the tea shelves at some of Vermont’s finest Country Stores.

Hot tea in summer.It warms me to discomfort.Curse you, delicious.”—

poetry soup’s short list

FH Gillingham & Sons store front general store

The country general stores of Vermont housed some of the finest teas as well as other goods. F. H. Gillingham’s General Store is a fine example.

F. H. Gillingham’s & Sons General Store  http://www.gillinghams.com/

Good Prices lead to large sales. We have determined to leave no stone unturned in our efforts to draw trade; life is too short to be squandered in the attempt to do business the ordinary humdrum method and we are going to crowd as much as possible in the short space allotted to us and small profits and quick sales will be our watchword.“—FH Gillingham

Upon going up the few steps to enter the shop one is met with baskets for groceries and there was corn being sold by the doorway as one entered. There is sampling of cheeses and other dips; but for this visitor my interest was their tea shelves and I was not disappointed. If they don’t stock it than it does not exist is my sentiment after viewing the tea shelves. Wow!

tea shelves at F H Gillianhan & Sons General Store in town Vermont Hojicha Hu Kwa Tea   FH Gillinham Tea Shelves PUkka, Hojicha, and more


Woodstock Farmers Market Country store in Vermont


This is another country store that we frequented during our hacienda of a vacation in Vermont. We went inside to purchase some sandwhiches and something to drink and I found they had some wonderful teas; and they had this Owl’s Brew (Tea Crafted for Cocktails) that I took some pictures of; but in the end, I did not purchase of the teas they housed but bought instead some Spicy Hot Chocolate mix to take home; it is an Aztec Mixture and it is as spicy as the name indicates.

stash IPA and other teas shelf at Vermont Country shop grocers   teapigs harney and sons stash teas shelves at Woodstock Farmers Market Vermont

I viewed this Owl’s Brew display while in the Farmer’s Market and took some pics of this. One recipe to share is for this BrewLaLa Recipe

Owl’s Brew, A Tea Crafted for Cocktails  www.theowlsbrew.com/recipes

Owl's Brew Cocktails at Vermont Country Store


1 Part Pink & Black

1 Part Pilsner

Rim glass with Margarita Salt

Served Chilled in a pint glass

Garnish with lime

I have not tried this but it does seem interesting if interested in Margaritas.


Shelburne Country Store  http://www.shelburnecountrystore.com/

Indian Chief at General Country Store in Shelburne VT

We drove to Shelburne with the intent on finding antiques shops but our intent was not met since I did not research this as well as I should have. We did stop in this country store where I viewed of several teapots; one was dressed in a red tea cozy to keep the teapot warmed. How nice!

white leaf with bird teapot at General Country Store in Shelburne VT     teapot aperatif at Shelburne Country Store very nice  red maple leaft teapot at Shelburne Country Store

caddie covered knitted teapot holder at General Country Store in Shelburne VT


Teawithainee is reminisced of a vacation over too soon. I enjoyed seeing so many fine things to do with tea because I took particular time for viewing of them this year; and it all began with noting this tea display available to the guests at the Inn where we stayed. I am so very thankful for the experiences.


teapot teas cookies and Vermont Liberty at Applebutter Inn

Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee visits Top of the Notch Tearoom

Tea with Ainee

ainee's row of teapots

Teatime with ainee while touring Plymouth Notch, found that two tea rooms existed on the grounds of Calvin Coolidge’s family homestead.

“I shouldn’t think even millionaires could eat anything nicer than new bread and real butter and honey for tea.” —Dodie Smith, I capture a castle

The Aldrich House had many owners: The President’s schoolteacher, the town’s first cheese maker; and his daughter who later came to run a tearoom in the house. Built in the early 1800s, the house is a fine example of “continuous New England architecture.”

Top of the Notch Tearoom

Top of the Notch Tearoom, Giftshop at Plymouth VT

Midge Aldrich operated this tea room and Gift Shop in this house from 1924-1942. It was called “Top of the Notch” and this was one of several businesses that developed almost overnight when Plymouth became world famous in 1923 when Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as President and with better roads, highways and transportation, people would travel to visit the town and birthplace of their president; they would need a place to stay and a place to eat/dine at.

Top of the Notch Aldrich Tea room info and Fernwood tea room

A shrewd business person with entrepreneurial spirit back in the days…

2015-08-20 13.21.18


DSCN0093 DSCN0096 DSCN0095 DSCN0091 DSCN0090

Among the other tourist businesses was Fernwood; a small tearoom at the corner of Coolidge Farm Road.



Teawithainee has been fortunate in finding this tearoom to make mention of during this haciendas getaway for a relaxing time in Vermont!


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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