Tea with Ainee and some famed teapots and colonial teas painting

Tea with Ainee

ainee's row of teapots

Teatime with ainee viewed this article on famous painting: Daughters of Revolution, 1932 oil on Masonite…Cincinati Art Museum

 “Tea is all about enjoyment, relaxation, and taking the time to refresh your spirit.”—

Antiques and Fine Art Magazine  http://www.afamag.com/

I peruse magazines while at the library most of all times. A most recent visit to the Princeton Library found me perusing the Antiques and Fine Art magazine whose cover I had been admiring because the front cover’s American Gothic (farmer and wife and pitchfork) resembles that of a librarian staff in Sterling’s Conant library and the woman favors an insurance associate name Meghan; surely she is more than an associate. I only mean that some looks the part even when not seeming to be of that era but stoicism will have us upholding those ideals.

Antiques and Fine Art Magazine American Gothic

There is much to be learned from reading or browsing articles found in magazines. This is how I found the Grant Wood (1891-1942), Daughters of Revolution, 1932, oil on Masonite that is in the Cincinnati Art Museum.

The Colonial Tea hosted by the Daughters of Revolution

The Colonial Tea hosted by the Daughters of Revolution

The colonial teas hosted by the Daughters of the American Revolution every year on Washington’s Birthday, and the festivities in 1932 that marked the bicentennial of the first president’s birth, inspired Wood’s clever exposé of patriotism taken to extremes. Wood designed and painted the frame with illusionistic stars and the picture’s title. He eliminated “American” from the organization’s name, both expanding the painting’s meaning beyond its specific circumstances and underscoring its ironic tone.


I found earlier another image photo of tea service with tray designed by Peter Muller-Munk as this was listed as showing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to share. We can learn more of Mr. Muller-Munk in an article book review by The New York Times section The Man Who Shaped Tomorrow

Tea service with tray designed by Peter Muller-Munk, 1931 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Tea service with tray designed by Peter Muller-Munk, 1931

The work of Muller-Munk; his designed and executed hand-wrought silver bowls, boxes, coffee services, and the likes is revered and praised by The New York Times as “highly individual and, while modern, not extreme or…bizarre,” while The New Yorker mentioned him in the same breath with the renowned Georg Jensen (nearly four decades his senior) as “two silversmiths worth remembering.”

His knack for turning exquisite luxury items to the emergent field of industrial design, which exploited up-to-date styling to make domestic appliances—necessary purchases in bad times no less than good—look efficient and desirable. Read more on his remarkable talent and life at: http://www.nybooks.com/blogs/nyrblog/2015/nov/20/man-who-shaped-tomorrow-peter-muller-munk/


Teawithainee is wishful for all to have a wonderful holiday with friends and loved ones. I continue to find some tea usage to share when least expecting of this. It is my spin on history and eras long passed. I am a historian reporting things from bygone periods with my views / opinion as how I see fit. At times ill-fitting views some might say. It is my blog and I share because I like to spin of tales. Don’t forget to enjoy that cup of tea as liken only by you.


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee –The Daily Tea offers us several tea recipes for this Thanksgiving holiday

Tea with Ainee

ainee's row of teapots

Teatime with ainee shares news from the Daily Tea; a New York Times Magazine article title: Going Postal; how to pick up a package in Istanbul, in many uneasy steps.

“Tea is all about enjoyment, relaxation, and taking the time to refresh your spirit.”—

gifts from the Kitchen with The Daily Tea

The Daily Tea101  http://www.thedailytea.com/

The Daily Tea offers us some ideas for cooking with tea (using Camellia sinensis tea plant as part of the ingredients) for this holiday season.

Holiday Cranberry sauce with tea as an ingredient The Daily Tea 101

If you are planning to use a canned cranberry sauce, then you MUST take a look at the cranberry and apple conserve made with black tea. It is quick and easy to make, and can be made days in advance, an ideal trait for holiday entertaining! If you enjoy eggnog during the holidays, then you will certainly enjoy our Pumpkin Chai Martini, which can be made with or without alcohol and blends in your favorite holiday flavors.


A classic English Trifle is rife for variation, so why not consider a Jasmine Pastry cream instead of the more traditional vanilla. It goes beautifully with berries, whipped cream and all of your trifle favorites. For me, this brings back wonderful memories, as the very first ‘Tea Cuisine’ recipe I dabbled with 15 years ago was a jasmine pastry cream. I used it in fresh fruit tarts at the time, but it is perfect for a classic, or not so classic, holiday trifle.

Cranberry Apple Preserves

This preserve is equally at home on the breakfast table or with your afternoon scones as it is on your Thanksgiving dinner table. It can also be made with pears in place of apples or a combination of apples and pears. For the black tea, Darjeeling, Ceylon and Keemun are excellent choices, but any black tea should give you a very good result. This recipe can be doubled or tripled easily, so make plenty to use and to share.

Yield: 4 cups preserves

  • 4 cups peeled and diced apples
  • 2 cups fresh cranberries, washed
  • 3 cups sugar
  • 2 limes
  • 3/4 cup triple strength black tea
  • 1/2 teaspoon fresh ground pepper
  • 1 teaspoon freshly ground ginger root
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

Add all ingredients except the lime and ginger to a heavy pan. Bring to a boil over high heat and turn down to medium. Simmer, skimming the foam after about 5 minutes. Let simmer until the cranberries have burst and the apples or pears are tender, roughly 10 to 15 minutes. Add lime juice, zest and grated ginger. Simmer until thickened and remove from heat. Let cool. Process in a canner, or store covered in the refrigerator.

Darjeeling Roasted Sweet Potatoes

This easy recipe with intriguing, savory flavors is from the book “Culinary Tea” by Running Press/Perseus Books, which I wrote with Lise Stern. It incorporates two ingredients, which can be difficult to find without a convenient Asian market, so there are simple substitutions supplied. Amchoor is dried, powdered green mango, and black salt, or kala namak is a pinkish brown salt with high sulfur content.

Yield: 8 servings

  • 3 pounds sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into .5 inch pieces
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoons amchoor or grated lime zest
  • 1/2 teaspoons black salt, tea-smoked salt or any sea salt
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons loose-leaf Darjeeling tea leaves

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line a baking sheet with foil and spray with cooking spray.

In a large bowl, toss the sweet potatoes with the oil and stir to coat. Add the amchoor (or lime zest) and salt. Crumble the tea leaves with your fingers, crushing them as you sprinkle them over the potatoes and stir well to distribute the tea and spices evenly.

Spread the potatoes in the prepared pan in an even layer. Bake for 10 minutes, stir, then continue to bake for an additional 10 to 20 minutes. Potatoes will be done when they are just slightly firm in the center. Serve warm or at room temperature.

There is always something new to discover with The Daily Tea and I encourage others to read some more by visiting this site at: http://www.thedailytea.com/recipes/gifts-from-the-kitchen and



article--Going Postal New York Times mag

I am a New York Times weekend subscriber and their magazine has this article that I wish to share. It is title Going Postal: How to pick up a package in Istanbul, in many uneasy steps.

“You have a package at the karakoy post office.” The card that was in his mailbox read, but there was no address for the post office; just his name and the message in Turkish.  He, is a film teacher, living in Istanbul and learning to speak Turkish and to help with his studies had asked his mother (who lives in the U.S.) to mail him some three-by-five note cards so he could use them as flash cards for improving his Turkish.  Anyhow, the individual leaves work one afternoon to go and try to retrieve this parcel.  He had to travel to this ‘dense, crazy neighborhood in the Karakoy district, an industrial area with people welding stuff, chains and workshops with ship anchors and people repairing fishnets.’ He, who did not know where he was going, passed it twice and after nearly an hour, found it shortly before they were to close for the day. ‘The post office was a dusty 19th century building between two chain-stores, with a tiny plaque on it.’ Before this young man reaches the counter, a guard said: “No, no, You are here for a package, but the package room is closed.”

So, he returns home and goes about his work and life and returns a few days later to try and retrieve the package and he goes earlier in the afternoon this time. He went upstairs and through a long hallway with stacked buckets and pikes on the walls, some type of firefighter exhibit. He reaches an area that resembled a cage with a guy inside it and hundreds of packages from floor to ceiling. He hands the guy in the cage the slip and presumes to wait. “O.K. O.K.” said the guy in the cage, who took out a piece of paper from a shoe box on the counter and handed it to him; then he sat back and drank his tea. The note handed to the young man read: “you have a package at the Davutpasa post office.”

The young man was stunned. ‘Why send me here and not to Davutpasa?’ Not knowing where Davutpasa was; the young man had to search for it online and decided to go there at a different time, the following week perhaps.  This journey was described as a ‘postapocalyptic hellscape’ with dump trucks thundering by, power lines hanging down and no sidewalks. After travelling for about an hour, our young man finds the Davutpasa Postal Center. Inside he went to one counter and was given several forms to fill out and he had to go to another building to get them stamped, then go back to stand in line and present them again. By this time he had about an inch of paperwork and he was sent to yet another package cage. ‘The guy took my slip and disappeared. When he returned, he had the box from my mom. He put it on the counter, took out a knife and opened it in front of me. Then he put a seal around it and put it back on the shelf. He said I had to pay 25 million lira, about $15 at the time. “Import tax,” he said.’

The young man had to return to the other building and wait in another line, paid the tax and was given a  stamp, he then had to walk back to the package room which by then was closing because of the jingling sound he heard and all the workers were locking their doors, sitting down, and starting to have tea.

He yelled out… “No, No, No!” sprinting through the hallway as he approached the package cage, the guy was locking it from the outside. He showed him his receipt and all he got was “tomorrow,” come back then.

By now, this guy had had it. Outside, surrounded by factories, with dump trucks passing by, he exploded. He turned round and just gave the post office the finger and he shouted it out loud as well…and returned home, thinking to try this again another time. On this last attempt, he had all the receipts and went directly to the cage and the guy asked him for his passport as an ID; the young man gave it to him. He said, “O.K.” The young man stood there waiting; he was approached by an officer who demanded that he apologize to the guy in the cage who had now returned with his package and he could not have it unless he apologize for his outburst when he was there the previous day. The young man would not apologize since he felt that it is he who should be said sorry to for all the trouble he went through to get this package from his mother. “I just kept refusing to apologize and repeating: ‘give me my passport.’”

The office threw his passport on the ground and signaled to the guy in the cage to give him his package and he was told never to return there again.

After this incident; the young man went to meet with his Turkish teacher for a lesson; as he was shaken up, he told him about what took place at the post office and his teacher asked him “what is in the package?” He told him it was a bunch of three-by-five note-cards. And his teacher replied: “I know where to get those,” he said. “You should have just asked me.”

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

Teawithainee  is wishful for all to have a wonderful of holidays with friends and loved ones. I am not one to be in keeping with company because I enjoy being with myself. I am that hermit, who at times want to commune with another and yet not really. Life throws punches and hurdles at us and we are to bend unlike the fork in the road, but similar to the wind or the tree’s bent with the changes in the seasons.  I am drinking more of this Bigelow’s Green Tea and I implore others to take heed and to enjoy their cup of tea as they like it.


Thanksgiving card

Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee is sharing this Remodelista article about a ceramic and her studio

Tea with Ainee

ainee's row of teapots

Teatime with ainee on this gray day shares article of a Lisbon’s Artful Ceramics

 Ceramics is to tea as utensils are to eating, as they are tools and means for having a good meal or cup of tea.”—

I mention often of the many online subscriptions that takes up my time when not venturing outside to the library or some small and nearby place to find a story to share. I don’t go out as much; hardly outside at all it seem like these days. A gray day and forcing me out of bed to delete emails and such; I find my Remodelista newsletter awaiting me. I peruse of it as I have done often; today I am taking particular care to make mention of this article: Artful Ceramics by Way of Lisbon by Izabella Simmons

I do this because of another blogger who I am subscribe to and she always post on things to doing with Lisbon; it is her wish list to visit and perhaps she is residing there as well. I am unsure, yet I have followed along with her simple posts of not words (a few at times) but with photos of places she would like to travel and reach or she has been there. I tend to think this is the universe’s way of telling me to get out of doors and see the world around me. I concur with no interest really.

Anyhow, I hope others will enjoy reading about Margarida Fernandes and her ceramics.

Remodelista   http://www.remodelista.com/

Artful Ceramics by Way of Lisbon by Izabella Simmons

Margarida M. Fernandes had two things on her mind: designing beautiful products for everyday use, and fulfilling a desire to work with her hands. So it’s no surprise that ceramics became her calling. After she finished her studies, Fernandes looked for ways to perfect her ceramics skills and applied for an internship with Danish master Ninna Gøtzsche. During a four-month period, Fernandes worked side-by-side with Gøtzsche in her studio. She later moved to Amsterdam for ceramic technique training.

Today, Fernandes works from her light-filled Lisbon studio, which she shares with her husband André (a sailor by trade). Her style is influenced by her Nordic experience, and she uses both slip-casting and wheel-throwing techniques for her pieces. “My goal is to design and create beautiful and simple ceramics, that you can use for a lifetime,” she says.  Here’s a glimpse of Fernandes’s studio and her work.

Margarida M. Fernandes Ceramics Studio

Above is: Ceramic pieces on display in the MF Ceramics Studio.

A porcelain teapot with a cork lid, inspired by a vintage enamel pot Remodelsita

Above is: A porcelain teapot with a cork lid, inspired by a vintage enamel pot

A cup and saucer in white porcelain with cobalt speckles Remodelista

Above is: A cup and saucer in white porcelain with cobalt speckles.

Artful Ceramics by way of Lisbon by Remodelista

Above is: Occasionally Fernandes works on tile restoration for the city of Lisbon


Green Tea by Bigelow Tea

Teawithainee is struggling in ways that others cannot fathom because it seems; I have many demons shadowing my doings; coming and going. I imagine this since none believes me. So it is all in my head, this hell that I find myself in. I perused an article about this ceramic and thought how lovely her work is; having that tactile quality so lacked with everyday china. I see her pieces as refinement when setting the table and receiving good company.

tactile quality to MF bowls and plates at this dinner table settingtactile presence to MF bowl and dish

She does great work. I am enjoying some of Bigelow’s Green Tea purchased a while back at Walmart Super Center. Enjoy your teas and these darken early days into nights.   


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!




Blogger who uses Marguerite Fernandes potteries


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Tea with Ainee sharing same e-book from The Daily Tea regarding tea infusers and strainers

Tea with Ainee

ainee's row of teapots

Teatime with ainee shares news from the Daily Tea; from a webinar on Ayurveda and news From Russia with Art.

 “Tea is desired by poets, and loved by the monks.

It is cut and ground into whitest jade, silken woven on a loom.

It is pan boiled, resulting color of yellow pistils,

Meant to swirl about in a bowl and enjoyed until days end;

yet inviting those late tea drinkers to accompany the moon,

until dawn, and readied to face the morning mist.

Washed down are things of past, and present.

Never tired; thus staking tea’s claim

and stake of the drunkard soul.”—unperfected


I am sharing news from The Daily Tea  http://www.thedailytea.com/

I find that The Daily Tea continue to offer informational tools for tea novices, encouraging for us to learn more about the nuisance of tea and the many tools out there for the better enhancement of tea. As their new e-book offers a guide to selecting infusers and strainers.

Tea101Ebook selecting tea infusers and strainers



I was also invited to attend an on-line webinar on Ayurveda teas and this is how I came to know of this tea brand and their website is http://www.ruved.net/

Energy Tea by R U VED

The herbs in this tea have long been used in Ayurveda to nutritionally support stamina, physical and mental strength. Energy Tea is excellent for people who are tired and aids in relaxation.

Provata Tea by R U VED

This grounding and warming tea helps one to relax and enjoy this unique blend of Ayurvedic herbal formula. This tea helps to calm and harmonize the body. When the body is relaxed, one feels happy, calm and energetic. Helps to relax & and balance the Vata constitution.

Tea and Painting: The tie between tea and painting goes back a long way. While there is no firm evidence to validate the oldest paintings on tea and related event, scenes of scholars entertaining guest with tea have been found on unearthed painted tiles dating from the Eastern Han Dynasty. Tea and Art goes hand-in as they are intimate souls.

I also want to plug into this post of the latest event on From Russia with Art; as we enjoy a good cup of tea, let us also learn more of their artists and up-coming events.

From-Russia-Store1-300x86 logo

Olesya and Jerry Koenig  From Russia With Art Gallery
new gallery location – 63 Union street in Newton
Center, across the street from T entrance

Tel. (857) 253-8421  Open daily 10-6 pm, till December 31st

​Our Holiday exhibition at the new, very convenient gallery location in Piccadilly Sq. of Newton Center ( 63A Union street, open daily from 10-6PM) continues with a great collection of abstract acrylic and oil paintings by young, talented and internationally acclaimed artist from St. Petersburg Maria Bablyak  “Out of the Blue with a Golden Touch.” On view at the gallery from Nov. 21-Dec.7th, with an Artist opening reception on Saturday November 21st from 3-6 PM.

Being educated at the prestigious Baron Steiglitz State Academy of Art and Design, in 2003 Maria received a major international art ward at the Contemporary Art Biennale in Florence, Italy: Lorenzo il Magnifico Medal in Painting category. St. Petersburg’s cityscape etchings by an artist Irina Pisarenko, Maria’s mother, are also on display for sale.

Maria Balbyak's Winter Street Acrylic on Canvas

Maria Balbyak’s Winter Street Acrylic on Canvas

Here is what Artist says about her “Blue Period” collection:

Often in life things happen by chance — OUT OF THE BLUE, seemingly unconnected. Yet, looking back at events, at certain times, it’s possible to recognize reasons and see the chain of connections. Once, I looked at the body of my work and realized that in many paintings the color BLUE was prevalent. It wasn’t any deliberate attempt to have BLUE dominate my work, but something was making me use that particular color a lot. I also noticed that after years of painting in realistic and impressionistic styles I began broadening my work into an experimental/abstract direction. I collected those paintings and called them my “BLUE PERIOD“, which I am presenting at this show.

Why “BLUE PERIOD,” paintings and etchings together? Out of the blue? Perhaps, but Irina Pisarenko’s enchanting etchings depict St. Petersburg, Russia, one of the most romantic and mysterious cities in the world and the color BLUE has always been associated with mystery, and invitation to reverie, which is very much a character of St. Petersburg. And how romantic are the famous “white nights” in a city in the month of June, when the soft BLUE of twilight wraps you gently all night long.     BLUE does not shock, offend or disgust. It represents peace, spirituality and beauty in Western art throughout history. Among other things, the color BLUE brings images of water to mind; and water symbolizes birth, renewal, change. BLUE can also represent cold, shadow and depression, “OUT OF THE BLUE WITH A GOLDEN DROP” can be seen as overcoming those conditions, where the golden drop is a warm color, the sun, the light.”

Currently on view at the gallery: Oil paintings by Ukrainian-American impressionist Anatoly Dverin, the Signature member of OPA. On Nov 27-29th Thanksgiving Holiday sale will take place at the gallery, with handmade jewelry and accessories by Bostonian fashion designer Rimma Zaika, gifts, prints, animal dry points and mixed media by Misha Lenn. Please refer to www.fromrussiawithart.org for more information and List of events at the Holiday exhibit.


Teawithainee continues to have difficulties and not much success on the work front. None at all, and it would seem that the year will be over soon with this goal not to be met since I cannot buckle down or suck up to finding employment. I attended an employment fair and I was ridicule more than I can share; I was phone today and ridicule from an associate same name as that of nephew but not he; but since I have some 46 Pinterest boards, or 20 something in count or 200 in measures of pounds, conjures this punk to phone me and leave a message and when I return the call from to the cell phone they hung up while conversing. Again, I explain what I perceive and a rational mind would say ‘not true, and no one is hassling or causing you insults.’ I am the one not professional. I am the one sampling urine as tea is same color.  So, take heed and remember to enjoy that cup of tea as you like it.


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee of From Russia with Art at Union Street in Newton Center, MA

Tea with Ainee

ainee's row of teapots

Teatime with ainee is sharing news From Russia With Art will be in Newton Center, MA until end of December.

Tea shared with friends and loved ones is always a good thing.”—

 From-Russia-Store1-300x86 logo

From Russia with Art  Olesya & Jerry Koenig

From Russia With Art Gallery
new gallery location – 63 Union street in Newton
Center, across the street from T entrance

Tel. (857) 253-8421  Open daily 10-6 pm, till December 31st

63 Union Street From Russia with ArtFrom Russia with Art Gallery invites us all to their new gallery, at 63 Union Street in Newton Center, for viewing their many displays of Russian paintings and etchings and lots more to be seen; now until end of December 2015 and they will share a cup of tea with me.

inside of Union Street Newton MA art gallery Union Street Newton MA art gallerywall of art at Newton Center Gallery

The Koenigs with friend Newton Center Gallery


Teawithainee has had quite a morning; I attended mass at the convent’s chapel behind St. Leo’s church. I then made myself walk down to Hannaford Market where I have been doing some grocery shopping of late. Anyhow, I was wrongly charged for more items than purchased, I did phone the grocery store to let them know of this error and this morning I went there to retrieve an item (tea) and to pay the difference. I am sorry if not making sense. I was charged for three items when I only purchased two; so I got a box of tea to make the difference and paid it. I have tried this new tea brand and I find that I like this brand; so today I purchased their Chamomile with Lavender by Traditional Medicinal and I have been enjoying it since I got home. This tea is all lavender; one cannot miss it. It is a heady cup of tea laced with lavender. Stated on the box: “Sipping a cup of this flower rich tea is like aromatherapy for your digestive and nervous systems-both of which are calmed by the comforting effects of the essential oils concentrated in the chamomile and lavender flowers…” visit their sites at www.traditionalmedicinals.com and don’t forget to enjoy of your tea as liked by only you!


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!



Color Pop Teapot by Dot and Bo

13 Terrific teapot article from My Domaine (http://www.mydomaine.com/) that makes the perfect gift by Genevieve Fish; this article reminds us of the cold days ahead and how making cups after cups of tea, it would be better done with the use of a teapot and as the holidays are approaching what better way than to show another’s appreciation for the drink by gifting them of a fine teapot as displayed in the article. I have only selected my favorite one to share here, but there are many more to choose from, if one reads on.

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Tea with Ainee — Saying until next season to The Song Garden Flower Farm and Tea House

Tea with Ainee

ainee's row of teapots

Teatime with ainee shares a read on news of buttoning up the Tea House for winter as they dream of next year…

 Garden and tea conjures up friendship and intimacy as shared humbly with one, two, three or more.”—

beauty blossoms at The Song Garden Flower Farm and Tea House

I subscribed to this site on Facebook and this is how I came to be viewing of this Tea House news. Always, I click to liking their displays or floral but I never really took the time to viewing them until today and I am saddened to find out that they are closing down the floral for this year, as the season is behind them and in anticipation for next summer. They must plan their orders and seedling for next season. They say a lot of work goes into gardening and planning for the Tea House. Oh well, until next time, I say. I have not frequented New Hampshire and I cannot say that I have been to this Tea House. Learn more by reading this blog or visit their website.

The Song Garden Flower Farm and Tea House of Cornish, NH


The Song Garden Flower Farm and Tea House on Corner of St. Gaudens Road and Dingleton Hill Road in Cornish, NH

“Pick your own flowers and pour your own tea” July 1st through early October

“Mostly annuals, our gardens just start to bloom in the middle of July and run straight on through to the beginning of October.  It’s a short season, just three months….So much prep goes into those months of blooms…starting in January when Lisianthus seed is started under lights!!!”

porch of The Song Garden Flower Farm and Tea House

“Buttoned up the Tea House for the winter today. Already dreaming of next year. The seed/plug order must go in before mid Dec. so we have to start planning next year’s garden now, believe it or not. The dahlias have to be dug this week…and then washed, cut and stored in the cool basement until April. We have collected seeds from many of our varieties of flowers this season and will do some trials in the late winter under the lights in the kitchen. Every season has its charm. I love buttoning things up for the winter.”

The Song Garden Flower Farm and Tea House of Cornish NH buttoned up for winter


Teawithainee is lax in such that my days are spent viewing Facebook and friendliness of some sites seeming to inspire, or simply because they appear to be pretty. I liked The Song Garden Tea House in Cornish, NH and today while peering in closer, I find they are closing as the season is ending for them; while they prepare for next summer.  I never thought to visit them since they are in New Hampshire, too far for me to reach or perhaps not. In viewing of their website, they did remind me of another Tea House in Barre, MA that I visited and they don’t have a garden and I don’t think that they are generations owned; so much for similarities. Oh well, enjoy that cup of tea and find something to be gladdened about.


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee Sharing of tea recipe from The Daily Tea

Tea with Ainee

ainee's row of teapots

Teatime with ainee shares this Lapsang Souchong Risotto recipe from The Daily Tea.

 A hardened and shameless tea drinker, who has for many years diluted most meals with only the infusion of this fascinating plant, whose kettle has scarcely time to cool, who with tea amuses the evening, with tea solaces the midnight, and with tea welcome the morning.”—Samuel johnson

I am sharing news from The Daily Tea  http://www.thedailytea.com/

Lapsang Souchong tea is made in China and has a smoky flavor, making it more enjoyable with cooks who use it with recipes like tea flavored boiled eggs and tea flavored rice giving of them that smoky (mushroom) flavor as used in this recipe by The Daily Tea folks.

lapsang souchong risotto recipe from the daily tea

Lapsang Souchong Risotto Recipe

Give risotto a touch of smoke with this recipe for Lapsang Souchong Tea Risotto from the Tea Association of Canada.

The Daily Tea is offering readers exclusive content and recipes from the Tea Association of Canada’s online course TEA 107: Menu Design, Food Pairing & Cooking.  

In addition to sharing a sneak peek of their informative course, the Tea Association is sharing a 10% discount on their online Introduction To Tea course (details on their website http://www.thedailytea.com/). Consider it a quick taste of their steeped education series.


Teawithainee continues to share news from The Daily Tea since I am a recipient of many emails to do with their tea courses and tea knowledge. I am shame to say that I am not a rice or risotto person; I tend to prefer noodles or such with a good cup of tea of late they have been that of Hyleys Tea which I find to be peppery in taste and aroma. I can’t yet vouch for this tea’s doing because I have yet to reap or feel the benefits; as such I have enjoyed many cups of this peppery tasting tea really hot as I like it. So, take heed and remember to enjoy that cup of tea as you like it.


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

Websites:  https://hyleysteaonline.com/

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