Tea with Ainee–Art in a Cup series of postcards purchased while in book shop

Tea with Ainee

Tea with ainee Dorset teapot wi Sangostone tea cups

Teatime with ainee with Art in a Cup (Cups and Saucers in a series of post card).

“The sounds of the tea being made invite the peach blossoms to peep in through the window. ~Uson, quoted in Sasaki Sanmi, Sadô Saijiki”

I visited this vintage bookstore, Rodney’s Bookstore in Central Square where they have quite a selection of eccentric or perhaps esoteric is best for describing this shop.  In that it is to each, their own interpretation; while some may be more accurate than another.

I was there to purchase some thank you cards and found these lovely cups and saucers post card and I wanted to brand them here with teawithainee.  Take delight!


Art in a Cup: Cups and Saucers (1860-1950)

Japanese teacup and saucer, 1874

Soft paste porcelain hand-painted with floral motifs

George Jones & Sons Ltd., Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

Art in a cup Japanese Teacup and Saucer 1874

Art in a Cup: Cups and Saucers (1860-1950)

Maurice Dufrène, France

Teacup and saucer with abstract floral design, c. 1902

Hand painted porcelain

Designed for la Maison Moderne, Paris (made in Limoges)

Art in a cup Maurice Dufrene, France Teacup and saucer 1902

Art in a Cup: Cups and Saucers (1860-1950)

Lotus lapover-edge cup with saucer, 1879

Sterling silver and copper, silver applications

Tiffany & Co., New York

The cards are from Pomgrenate in Rohnert Park, CA

Art in a cup Lotus lapover-edge cup with saucer, 1879


Teawithainee has not wanted to continue with continuous posting as before. But these littlest gems needed a simple write up, reminding me that there is still beauty and delight to be found in things to doing with tea. I tote water and not tea days long, with the exception for my end of day cup of tea. I can’t implore as these tea reads are for mine own pleasure and dismay. Ah, these post cards were truly a delight to be had. I passed up on this box of thank you card which was another treasure all together, costing a bit more than I had with me. No matter, I was happy if only for flitting moment. Awe still.


Art in a cup  backcover of Japanese Teacup and Saucer 1874

Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

Websites:  http://www.rodneysbookstore.com/

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Tea with Ainee and my Maple Leaf Stone Ware coffee cups or I can use them for drinking tea…no matter.

Tea with Ainee

Tea with ainee Dorset teapot wi Sangostone tea cups

Teatime with ainee’s Maple Leaf Stone Ware cups.

“It was afternoon tea, with tea foods spread out
Like in the books, except that it was coffee.”—Alberto Rios

Have you ever wonder what determines a cup to be used for coffee or tea? I thought to pose this question on line and I found this blog post with examples and an explanation for this.

~~Coffee cups are narrower and mostly straight up. Teacups are lower and wider and often tapered down.

~~The reason that teacups are wider at the top and shallower is because a good tea is set with BOILING water.

~~The bigger surface lets your tea cool down faster, to a consumable temperature.

Read more: http://mariettesbacktobasics.blogspot.com/2013/04/difference-between-coffee-tea-cups.html#ixzz3UkSFVYBD


Anyhow, having purchased these Green Leaf cups made me think to ask such a question. Sometime we know of things and take the knowledge for granted but etiquette brings us back to the basics.

Green Leaf Coffee Cups Ivy Leaves Maplehill Stoneware Set of 3 1970’s

Overview: Vintage item from the 1970s, Color: White, Materials: glass, ceramic

cups with green clover motif on them bought at Boomerang store

green clover leaf cups for tea or coffee from Boomerang store


Teawithainee is not doing of much lately; too busy going mad or driven mad; either way it is not a good place to be at. I had purchased these green leaf cups because something of the leaf design made me think of the Irish festival just past with pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. None for me, I must say. Only the turmoil that I continue to find myself riddled with. I am also drinking more water than tea of late. There is no need to keep the warmth alive; I am always cold here with the heat off until late in the evening. Still, it makes no difference since our electric bill keeps skyrocketing and I continue to be butt’s end with happenings in my general habitat. I am sorry.


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!


http://mariettesbacktobasics.blogspot.com/  http://www.loc.gov/poetry/180/123.html


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Tea with Ainee and the Toronto’s Daily Secret newsletter sharing of High Tea at Dufflet

Tea with Ainee

Tea with ainee Dorset teapot wi Sangostone tea cups

Teatime with ainee is enjoying Toronto’s Daily Secret and finding about this High Tea at Dufflet.

“Tea is a work of art and needs a master hand to bring out its noblest qualities. We have good and bad teas, as we have good and bad paintings — generally the latter.”—KAKUZO OKAKURA, Book of Tea

Canada Daily Secret Newsletter  http://canada.dailysecret.com/

Dufflet High Tea  Sips and nibbles

Dufflet Hight Tea teapot image

Rainbows. Puppies. Springtime. Few things in life can compete with their delightfulness — and high tea is one of them. Gather your fanciest friends and head to Dufflet for a Sunday high tea just a crumb’s throw from The Beach. The queen of cake, Dufflet Rosenberg, is combining a selection of her famously scrumptious cakes with Sloane teas and other sweet and savoury treats like scones, smoked salmon canapés, petit fours and French macarons. The cosy and charming café sets the scene for an elegant yet relaxed afternoon to wrap up the weekend in style. Pinkies up.
Read more: http://canada.dailysecret.com/toronto/en/the-beach/food/dufflet-high-tea#ixzz3TSi2E6nQ

High Tea with the Queen (of Cake)!  http://tourdedufflet.blogspot.ca/

High Tea with Dufflet serving Sloanne's tea

Savour a new tradition with High Tea on Sundays at Dufflet-Beach.
Revel in the enchantment of a selection of sumptuous desserts and canapés from Dufflet Pastries delightfully paired with the exquisite taste and aroma of Sloane Teas.


Buttery + Sweet
Dufflet Scones, Petit Fours / Cocktail Cookies, Small Tart, Mini Cupcakes or French Macaron, Served with Organic Jams  ($12.95 /Person + Tax)

Savory + Sweet
Dufflet Scones, Petit Fours / Cocktail Cookies, Mini Cupcakes or French Macaron, Smoked Salmon Canapés, Served with Organic Jams + Devon Cream ( $14.95 /Person + Tax)

Sloane Tea
Premium Selections
Heavenly Cream. Darjeeling Classic Black Tea, Peaches & Cream, Queen of the Hill, Sencha Green Tea, Earl Grey, Rouge Provence, Marrakesh Mint, Jasmine Snow, Cocoa Chai Chai

Dufflet's Pastry shop image


my Celestial Seasonings teasTeawithainee latest interest is this Toronto’s Daily Secret newsletter and it is while perusing their site that I found about their ‘High Tea’ which includes the brand of Sloane Tea.  While I was not familiar with that brand of tea, I am happy to have learned of them. My habitual tea brand is Celestial Seasoning; specifically of their Sleepytime Decaf Green Tea with Lemon and Jasmine. I am now a fan of some Jasmine scented teas. I like this tea’s color which is a light golden brown and the tea’s liquor is most mild with hints of mint and yet it is jasmine. I have been drinking this tea since purchasing of it; and each time I sip and sip of the tea, I am met with minty, tingling with lemony cup of tea. My sleeping habits have not improved and yet I thoroughly enjoy the tea.  I know not what else to say; perhaps to rush out and buy some and find out for yourselves, while I continue to take delight in my hot cup of Lemon Jasmine Decaf Green Tea.


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!


http://sloanetea.com/  http://tourdedufflet.blogspot.ca/

http://www.j9tea.com/buy-tea.html  http://www.twinings.co.uk/

https://www.shantitea.ca/  http://www.istheteainyou.com/

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Tea with Ainee’s: A thankful life, another sunny day and doing of chores, trying to shape of this abode…quite-a-ways to go, surely…

Tea with Ainee

Tea with ainee Dorset teapot wi Sangostone tea cups

Teatime with ainee viewed of The Talk of the South’s Garden & Gun Newsletter and of their blog and found a Russian Tea recipe to share.

A Man without a mustache is like a cup of tea without sugar”—Famous English Expression

Garden & Gun (http://gardenandgun.com/) is one of the newsletters that I favor, yet I peruse of it sporadically and this afternoon indeed is a treat for me to find a mention of Russian Tea and that it is not from Russia. So I read on and I am sharing of this news…

The South’s Other Favorite Tea by Jed Portman Garden and Gun Article magazine

Russian Tea is not from Russia. At least, not Russian Tea as we Southerners know it. The giftable dry mix that is the stuff of countless mid-century community cookbooks dates back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when American urbanites sipped black tea with lemon and sugar in imitation of upper-class Russians. Within decades, so-called Russian Tea, which was by then often doctored with clove and cinnamon, washed down chicken salad and mixed nuts at meetings of bridge clubs and church groups across the South. In the transformative years following World War II, the basic formula of hot tea with citrus became a showcase for the convenience foods of the Space Age: Tang, powdered lemonade, instant tea. And there, at last, is the Russian Tea we all know and love—layered with love in a Mason jar, and tastefully tied with grosgrain or gingham.


Instant Russian Tea II from the Centenary Cookbook

Russian Teas and the Centenary Cookbook Garden and Gun article

Makes about​ 2 cups of dry mix, and 48 cups of tea

1 cup Tang
½ cup instant tea
½ cup sugar
¼ tsp. ground clove
½ tsp. cinnamon

Mix dry ingredients well and store in tight container. For one cup of tea, use 2 tsp. of dry mixture per cup of hot water.


Teawithainee spent of her day trying to clear clutter from dreaded unpacked boxes; since moving with sparse furnishing, it is difficult to empty of boxes when there is not a storage compartment to put them in; anyhow, I did what I could for the day and took out the trash and walked down the library for more bothersome. I stayed there a while and returned here to peruse of this Talk of the South’s Garden & Gun Newsletter. I am happy to find this Russian tea news to share. I still have a cold and I am enjoying a hot cup of the Celestial Seasoning Jasmine Lemon Tea and it is so good. I am happy that I can now say that I like Jasmine or this brand of Jasmine tea. No matter, keep the warmth of tea sharing alive!


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!


Tea Business Boot Camp (TBBC) is a one-of-a-kind, two-day, intensive and hands-on program that covers critical topics facing the tea entrepreneur as well as provides a solid foundation of tea education. The faculty is made up of top notch educators and experienced experts successfully working in the tea industry today.

Learn more at: http://worldteaexpo.com/index.php/education/tea-business-boot-camp

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Tea with Ainee A thankful life, although at times a somber and depressed soul I remain to be…cont’d

Tea with Ainee

Tea with ainee Dorset teapot wi Sangostone tea cups

Teatime with ainee is sharing of this Downtown Abbey event with a serving of tea newsletter from one of the distant libraries.

Tea shared with friends and loved ones is always a good thing.”—

I received this newsletter from the Friends of the Sharon Library with their invitation to tea and to watch scenes from Downtown Abbey.  Read on if of interest…

a fortnight at Downtown Abbey Sharon Library invitation to tea

Downtown Abbey Inspired Event  Sunday, March 8, 3-6 pm

JOIN US ATThe Sharon Public Library  Community Room
Please join us for our 2nd annual Downtown Abbey Inspired Tea.Enjoy tea and refreshments, served on real china
Watch scenes from Downtown AbbeyParticipate in a Downtown Abbey trivia contest and win prizes

Enter our Downtown Abbey raffle for a chance to win series DVDs, books, a DA tote bag, and more

Event tickets can be purchased in advance at the adult circulation desk for $5 each.

Raffle tickets can be purchased in advance or at the event for $2 each.

All funds raised go to supporting The Friends and the Sharon Public Library.

We hope you’ll join us!





Teawithainee enjoyed doing the morning chores although they don’t always go smoothly. It is a brightly sun-filled day with wind chills and iciness from the snow that melted the day before. I found myself skidding as I walked to the dumpster to toss of my trash just now. Anyhow, I have just added more water to my already cold cup of tea!


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

Some favorite tea websites:

http://www.teasetc.com/  http://www.tealeaves.com/  http://doehitea.com/

http://www.zhitea.com/   http://theteaspot.com/   http://camellia-sinensis.com/en/

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Tea with Ainee A thankful life– although at times a somber and depressed soul I remain to be…

Tea with Ainee

Tea with ainee Dorset teapot wi Sangostone tea cups

Teatime with ainee reads of a new tea company that specializes in Matcha tea: PanateaGreen.

If all you do is good, but good doesn’t seem to come your way, you may wonder if your Karma is broken. It’s not. Everything you do will come back to you, one way or another; it all comes back; unfortunately.”—

 Teatime with Ainee continues to be here, at times, even when I no longer wish to post. I took a long walk today and it felt good to be outside and breathe of the fresh air. I came inside and thought to submit this post compiled weeks ago. I frequent libraries daily and unhappy for being there; as my surroundings while at the libraries upsets me. I guess I am saying that I don’t like librarians and nor do they like me; why should I care?

The time spent while not blogging have afforded me more time to submit to employment searching and I have had interviews more than I care for. No success as yet.

I have registered to walk for two of my favorite charities (if one were to believe me)I signed up to fund raise and to walk for Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger and for AIDS Action Committee’s AIDS Walk and I hope to reach the goals and to have a good walk. I don’t see either happening with all of this snow around; as lovely it is to look at. I have not been getting good reception with my email query for donations to my walks; I am ignored or folks will support another walker or team. If I reached the goals I set for myself, I am happy, if not I am still glad that I tried.

Another thing that I am doing again is another home study and this time it’s to do with beauty and the industry at large. I am thinking that I might make a good receptionist at a well-known cosmetic firm or a beauty shop.

Years ago I used to frequent a Reiki shop that was also a hair salon and cosmeticians. They carried this Guinot brand and I recently began to frequent this shop, Complexions Skincare in Leominster that also carries the Guinot brand. Anyhow, during my course of study at home, I found the company Guinot included in my reading as being among the top brands that salons carry. This is because it is a leading brand that beauty salons prefer to use in their shop. Guinot’s emphasis is on products for skin care and salon treatments. It offers a range of products typically used for facials and after-treatments, including cleansers, toners, exfoliate, moisturizers, serums, masks, and eye care creams. So it is not wonder that Complexions Skincare is so good and I am happy to have been able to have my facial needs met there. The shop is own by a Kate and she can be reached at her website: visit Complexions website at www.complexionsbykate.com; or by email at: Complexionsbykate@verizon.net

When I found her shop and visited, I took notice that she carried the Guinot brand and I made mentioned to being familiar with this; not knowing that I would be studying and finding among my readings the very mention of Guinot. Mere chanced coincidence is what I am concluding. I do receive Complexions by Kate newsletter as this is filled with her new treatments for each month; they are bit costly for a person with no income, but something worth reading about just the same.

One last thing to make mention and I will get back to discussing of some tea facts. I did join a neighborhood fitness center (Eastman Fitness) and I had been going there daily but then I became sick with a horrible cold and had to stay away for fear of not infecting folks with my cold; also I am easily bothered and did not wish to be there any longer.  I am able to visit this neighborhood fitness center monthly and so I may return and use of their facility.  The last I was there I found they carried this Isopure Protein Drink for after a vigorous work out and I purchased two; one was a green tea and the other was one a zero calorie protein drink. I am sorry to say that when I did finally subject myself to drinking of the Isopure Green tea, I did not like it because it was to sweet and the taste lingered or such. It was made of artificial lemon tea with 40 grams of 100% whey protein isolate; ingredients: filtered water, ion exchange whey (milk) protein isolate, green tea powder, natural flavor, sucralose, phosphoric acid, polysorbate 80.

Isopure is distributed by Natures Best

Hauppauge, NY 11788  www.theisopurecompany.com

I don’t need to go into all of this detail to say that I did not like the drink. I did purchase a protein shake, as a reward, for the many hours of working out that day and that was very good. It was made for me as I selected of these drinks from the cooler and I paid for my purchases and left with my protein shake and sipped all the way  back to where I was heading, which was the library. You can’t have food in there, so I was happy to finish of my shake in time when I reached the library and tossed the cup in their waste bin.

These are some of the activities that I have been afforded to include in my life and at most times they are satisfactory and I am blessed for these experiences. I am only sorry for not having employment and income.


I found of this Panatea Green Matcha Tea Company while reading the February issue of Self Magazine.

PanateaGreen  http://panateagreen.com/  http://panateagreen.com/blog/

PanateaGreen Matcha in Self Magazine February issue Beaman

PANATEA is owned by Jessica Lloyd & David Mandelbaum; Founded in 2014, PANATEA is a matcha brand for today’s next generation of tea consumers.  As partners in business and life, they believe that successful businesses not only fill a demand or void within the marketplace, but also fulfill the passion, belief and personal commitment of their founders.  Matcha has changed their world, and now they are on a journey to change the world of matcha–creating a modern and approachable offering for an ancient ceremonial delicacy.

I am happy to have found of their Matcha products. I like all things matcha and green tea. Anyhow it is something to keep abreast of, is all.


Townsend Tea  www.townshendstea.com/  http://www.townshendstea.com/wholesale.html

Townshend’s Tea Unveils a New Line of Spirits Distilled from Tea

After tackling bubble tea, chai, and kombucha, a local outfit unveils the world’s first tea-based spirits.

Townsend 's Tea New Line of Spirits Distilled from Tea based spirits

Townshend’s Tea might not be 21 yet, but it’s already getting boozy. After earning a devoted local following with signature blends, herbalist-crafted infusions, and customizable bubble teas, the company got into the fermentation game with Brew Dr. Kombucha, a bold, effervescent cousin to its tea for the Portland palate. Now, founder Matt Thomas annexes a new herbal frontier: hard spirits distilled from his fermented teas.

Townsend Tea Spirit No 16 Spice Tea of Oregon

“We have a mission of doing everything we can possibly do with tea,” explains Thomas. “I realized that I was fermenting so much tea to make kombucha that it must be possible to continue the process to get more alcohol out of it.”

The new collection, distilled in Townshend’s custom still in Southeast Portland and available this month, is anchored by three amber-hued spirits—Sweet Tea, Spice Tea, and Smoke Tea—made by steeping double-distilled versions of Townshend’s signature tea blends with Northwest honey and spices. Rounding out the collection are vibrant vodkas distilled from green tea and herbal botanicals, a dry gin crafted from Silver Tip Jasmine tea and Rose Peony white tea with lavender and juniper, a Portland-style fernet made with Douglas fir tips, a bitter Alpine liqueur, and a caraway-forward aquavit.

——————–This Is What A Cup Of Tea Looks Like In 22 Different Countries

How do you take it? by Chelsea Pippin

I am only listing of a few as one can visit of this site to see and read the full list. http://www.buzzfeed.com/chelseypippin/22-cups-of-tea-from-around-the-world?fb_action_ids=10202459666092018&fb_action_types=og.shares#.igXPvKY2

In Japan

a cup of tea in Japan

Matcha is a powdered green tea from Japan using finely ground, high-quality green tea leaves. It’s traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies.

In India

India has a rich and diverse tea history, with traditional masala chai tea being served through South Asia for thousands of years before the tea industry exploded during the British colonial era. Pictured above is the white leaf Darjeeling tea, which grows wild in India.

In Britain

a cup of tea in Britain

Black tea in the UK can be served on its own or with milk and/or sugar and is taken several times a day. Aim for a golden colour when pouring you milk, and for the love of god, brew the tea first.

In Turkey

Turkish coffee may be the country’s most famous warm drink, but cay tea is its most popular, served with every meal, and often in between. The black tea doesn’t take milk, but can be served with or without sugar and is usually brewed in a really confusing two-chamber pot.

In Taiwain

Pearl milk tea, aka bubble tea, has become a worldwide phenomenon, but it has its roots in Taiwan. It can be served hot or cold, and typically over tapioca pearls cooked in sugar syrup. Basically once you’ve had bubble tea, you’ll never need a Frappuccino again. Use this recipe to make your own.


sweet iced tea in the American South USA

Sweet iced tea is the lifeblood of the American South. Usually made using strong-brewed Lipton tea and sugar, you can add lemon, or a pinch of baking soda for smoothness. Try out some variations on the classic with these recipes.


For a cup of Russian tea, several types of black leaves are brewed separately and then mixed in the cup. Like Turkey, Russia traditionally uses a multi-chamber pot, called a samovar, with a chamber for water and a chamber for brewing the tea.


a cup of tea in Pakistan

Chai isn’t exclusive to India. Spicy and creamy masala chai is a favourite for Pakistani afternoon tea, and you can use basic English breakfast tea as a base.


a cup of tea in Thailand

Cha yen is Thailand’s take on iced milk tea, and it combines condensed milk and brewed Thai Tea Mix.


a cup of tea in China

The Chinese love their tea, and drink a wide range of flavours and colours. Pictured is yellow leaf pu-erh tea, which is packaged in bricks or balls, crumbled into the cup, and steeped in hot water.


In Qatar, strong milky tea called karak chai is a nationwide favourite. Black tea leaves are boiled in water, mixed with milk and evaporated sugar, and boiled a second time.


a cup of tea in Mauritania

Mauritania’s version of the popular north African mint green tea has a specific serving ritual. Drinkers take three cups each, increasing the sweetness of every new cup, so you start bitter and end sweet.


Malaysia has perfected the tea needed for all deserts and snacks. Teh tarik is frothed black tea, sugar, and milk served cold. The creamy treat is just right for after a meal or a mid-day treat.


Teawithainee has been very sick of late with this terrible weather and having this horrible cold; more than two weeks now and I continue to cough and cough. What has help me is a hot cup of tea and of late the tea brand of choice is Celestial Seasoning as the prices are 2 for $5 at the grocery stores. So I have been enjoying of their Green tea with lemon and honey and more specifically, I purchased their Sleepytime Decaf Green Tea with Lemon and Jasmine with excellent antioxidant which provides a good source of vitamin C per serving. I don’t always know how to cure what is ailing me since I am easily bothered and I allow myself to suspend all of my activities for fear of living. I mean I alienate myself from the world because I am afraid or I live in shame for being weak and not able to fend of the demons that continues to claw at my being.  Despite it all, today I was able to take a long walk and as a result for having had a good walk; it led me here to submit of this blog. It is warmth and shelter that we all seek at times of hardship, so let us keep the warmth alive with a good cup of tea!


a snowcone, nope snow in Leominster

Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee It is a New Year; I continue to take delight in finding new shop to frequent: Cutiques Etc, is the latest find.

Tea with Ainee

Tea with ainee Dorset teapot wi Sangostone tea cups

Teatime with ainee’s reading of The Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adorree

‘Tea warms the soul liken to the atmosphere’s global warming; difference is that tea is good for all, globally.’—

The New Year is plugging away for me. It will continue with or without me; for now, I continue to remain around.

Cutiques Etc  https://www.facebook.com/cutiques/events

Cutiques Etc front door signage Leominster MA

Cutiques Etc. is a Home Goods & Furniture shop and some consignments in Leominster, MA. I found it during an engine search for antiques and such in the vicinity of Leominster. I had no idea  that I had been nearby it, until I contacted the shop owners who told me where they were housed. I merely related how unfit I am when it comes to directions.

Cutiques Etc side room with home furnishing decor Leominster MA viewing of some items inside of Cutiques Etc main floor

bamboo handle teapot and teacups set at Cutiques Etc Leominster MA small sunflower teapot teacup saucer set at Cutique Etc

I got to visit them for short time and viewed many lovely items; some of which were teapots and teacups sets. I hurriedly took of some photos and I was able to acquire one of the teapots that I so admired among many.  Well, there are still others that I would like to have but where to house them is the difficulty.

I am happy to share always the photos that I take during these out and about jaunts that I do. I hope they are to everyone’s’ liking.


I am reading another of Angel Adoree’s tea party books, whose title is The Vintage Tea Party Book. I had previously read and shared her book titled: The Vintage Tea Party Year.

The Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adoree

A complete guide to hosting your perfect tea party.

The Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adoree

This book begins with the subtitle: Past, Present & Future…welcome to The Vintage Tea Party Book. You are about to embark on an imaginative journey to create the perfect tea party. The pages ahead of you capture Ms. Adoree’s passion and fantasy for all things vintage and she feels incredibly blessed that she has been given the opportunity to share this with the world.

The book is divided into several chapters; with an introduction, Brunch, Afternoon, Evening and Style. In order to use this book; decide when the tea party that you wish to give will take place and select of your favorite recipes and the chapters of this book to incorporate into your party. Then use the Introduction and Style chapters to elevate your party into a full vintage experience.  Lastly, is to eat, drink, love, and laugh and to keep the memory forever.


I can say that I have enjoyed perusing both of her books and I am happy to be able to spotlight them here at Teawithainee. I want to make mention of some tea recipes that I would not mind trying.

Pomegranate Iced Tea.

300ml (½ pint) black tea, sweetened to taste

125ml (4fl oz) freshly squeezed pomegranate juice

(Use store brought juice if time is an issue) iced cubes

Seeds from ½ fresh pomegranate, to decorate

Make the tea as you would normally and refrigerate until cool

Mix the chilled tea into the pomegranate juice, add some ice cubes and serve decorated with a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds.


Brandy and Green Tea Slush

Brandy and Green Tea Slush from The Vintage Tea Party Book

12 Green tea bags

300ml (½ pint) just boiled water

100g (3 ½ oz) caster sugar, or to taste

100 ml (3 ½ fl oz) brandy

850ml (1 ½ pints) ginger ale

Strips of orange rind, to serve

Steep the tea bags in the water in a measuring jug for 3 minutes, adding the sugar and stirring until dissolved. Remove the tea bags.

Chill the tea in the refrigerator for 30 minutes

Add the brandy and ginger ale, then place the mixture in the freezer for up to 4 hours or until the mixture in the freezer for up to 4 hours or until the mixture reaches a slushy consistency (the timing depends on how powerful your freezer is).

Remove the slush from freezer, stir, then divide between 6 short glasses and serve decorated with strips of orange rind.


Green-Jasmine Tea Bubbles

Green-Jasmine Tea Bubbles from The Vintage Tea Party Book

5 green-jasmine tea bags or 5 tbsp loose green jasmine tea

200ml (7fl oz) just-boiled water

3 tbsp caster sugar, or to taste

500 ml (18fl oz) cold water

Handful of raspberries and blackberries (optional)

1 bottle of good champagne, chilled (optional)

Steep the tea bags or loose tea in a measuring jug in the just-boiled water for 1 minute, adding the sugar and stirring until dissolved. Remove the tea bags, or strain to remove the loose tea, then add the cold water.

Taste the tea for strength, adding a touch more cold water if it’s too strong, then put it in the refrigerator to chill further for 30 minutes. (if you can’t wait, add a few ice cubes to speed up the chilling process.)

Serve in vintage teacups. For a bit of extra colour, put a couple of berries into each cup before pouring. If liked. For the alcoholic version, simply half-fill the cup of tea, then top up with an equal measure of bubbly.

Some images of other favorite drinks recipes with tea includes their Famous recipe for Teana Colada & Saffron and Tea Shots

Our Famous Recipe for Teana Colada and Saffron and Tea Shots from The Vintage Tea Party Book


Teawithainee have tried to embrace the New Year in a positive manner despite the animosity that I continue to encounter in my life. I am resigning to the thinking that I bring the bad events into my life because of what I falsely claim that I am. Were I more subservient, and honest than what is being done to me would not continue to happen. I must change somehow but I don’t seem to know how to change. I think I am a decent person and I enjoy a good cup of tea and since I cannot find employment, I took to blogging as a means for spending some parts of the day with accounting for my time, what I do and what I am thinking, I share with others here. I am in a new town, unfamiliar surroundings and yet I have managed to alienate the world around me and this is not my wish. I wish to share some tea knowledge that is already known to most, as a simple reminder to slow down and relax in the enjoyment of a good book, and a warm cup of tea as you like it.


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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