Tea with Ainee’s visit to Paradise City Fairs of Fine and Functional Arts Paradise City Marlborough, MA

Tea with Ainee


Teatime with ainee attended the Paradise City Fairs and found several ceramic teapots worth mentioning.

“The importance of keeping things in perspective. How to go about altering your way of looking at the world so that you can see it in the way that an effective/achieving person might? Do so by ceaselessly committing yourself to the notion of putting things in perspective.”–

Brooklyn Bridge photo by Andrew Sovjani

Paradise City Fairs : www.paradisecityarts.com/

I attended another of the Paradise City Fairs, this time it took place in Marlborough, MA at the Royal Plaza Trade Center.

The artists and craftsmen offered audiences a spectacular show with some fine examples of works in studio furniture, art glass, large-scale sculpture, ceramics, jewelry and painting.

I did view some teapots and mugs which I wanted to present here.

Ceramic Teapot seemingly with black etching like by Tim Christensen

Ceramic Teapot black etching like by Tim Christensen at paradise city Marlborough MA

 Pots at ParadiseCity

Pots at paradise city Marlborough MA

Jasmine Tea Tin

Jasmine Tea Tin made into art longer life at paradise city Marlborough MA

 Ceramic Teapots by Takashi Ichihara

ceramic teapots ducky like by Takashi Ichihara at paradise city Marlborough MA

Large Glaze Ceramic Teapot viewed at ParadiseCity

ceramic teapot at paradise city Marlborough MA


 Books with Tea mention:

Some reads have also led me here in wanting to share of tea mentioning:

Ghosts, Beasts and Things that go bump in the Night edited by Kit Duane

Ghosts Beasts and things that goes bump in the night edit by Kit Duane

This book was found at my town’s library on shelves where they are offering books for free. It is a compilation of tingling tales to tell in the dark while camping or at camp ground etc. I perused and read some of the tales and when I read this last short read, I found a tea mention.

“The Faceless Thing” Ed D. Hoch

“Come up to my house, if you want. I can make you a bit of tea.”


 The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah

The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah

“I am alright, Thank you. A cup of strong, hot tea is all I need.”

“Face to face with the devil,” as flyaway hair had remarked. Yet as far as Poirot  could see, there was no such sight for Jennie to behold, only the square room with its tables, chairs, wooden hat and coat stand in the corner, and its crooked bearing the weight of many teapots of different colors, patterns and sizes.”


 Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight by Will Clower, PhD

Eat Chocolate Lose Weight by Will Clower, PhD

This book’s premise is to eat more chocolate and to lose weight because of this. One feels fuller and does not eat more throughout the day.

The only time when tea was mention is to have this as snack: Tea or Coffee. I realized that were it a tea cookbook it would have perhaps mentioned cooking with chocolate in the same manner and made tea more of the focused recipe.

The book emphasized that chocolate is not ‘candy’ but it is to be seen and used as an ingredient. We are to note that there are dimension of sensual eating that is to be found in chocolate.

  1. Early flavors when eating chocolate—there is sweetness—then underlying flavors like floral component; light orange flower note—fruity taste, plum and raisin.
  2. mid-layer is combine nuttiness, fruit, floral and spices
  3. Late flavors account for the bitter receptors and that many bitter foods are excellent for our health.

The book contained many recipes to try and tantalize the taste bud; seemingly is the Classic Chocolate Pudding, the Hot Cocoa Soufflé, Rich-n-Nutty Brownies, Deconstructed Guacamole Omelet, Cocoa Rubbed Rib Eye with Bacon –Bourbon Sauce and this last one is quite a please with lovers of fish: Cocoa with Jamaican Fish.

Earl Grey Hot Chocolate (total time: 15 minutes and makes 2 servings)

Today we typically drink chocolate with some form of dairy. However, this is not the way the originators of chocolate and cocoa drinks did it. The ancient Mesoamericans drank their cocoa as frothy “bitter water.” You can put cocoa in plain water and froth it, but it’s tastier to use flavorful tea, such as Earl Grey.


2 cups water

2 tablespoons of Earl Grey tea leaves

5 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

2 tablespoons brown sugar

In a small saucepan over medium-high heat, bring the water to a boil. Add the tea leaves and let them steep for 3-5 minutes. In a small bowl, mix the cocoa powder and brown sugar together. Add to the tea.

Whisk everything together until the cocoa is completely incorporated. Enjoy!

& remember that:

With chocolate base recipes note that Chocolate is not candy. Repeat: “Chocolate is not candy.” I take this to mean that it is an ingredient to be used sparingly while indulging in creating some wonderful meals.


 Superfood Smoothies by Jason Manheim

Superfood book Juices Smoothies n Drinks by Jason Manheim

Juices, smoothies & drinks; advice & recipes to lose weight, prevent illness, and improve your emotional and physical health. The benefit of Superfood green juicing/smoothies are for nutritional boost, energy boost, cost effectiveness and those with sensitive stomachs will benefit as well for the juicing are easier on the digestive system.

Some tea recipes from this book include the following:

Cucumber Tea from superfood book by Jason Manheim

Cucumber Tea (makes two 18-oz servings)

1 tsp matcha tea

3-4 slices cucumber

2 slices lemon

2 cups water warm


Hydration is the most important part of cleanses: in general, hydration helps you live cleaner day to day. What you use to ensure regular fluid replenishment will absolutely make a difference in your detox. Matcha green tea as a natural laxative helps to push toxins out of your system. Cucumbers, being 95 percent water, are optimal for fluid replenishment.

Brew matcha tea. Add ice. Pour in juiced cucumbers and lemon and stir.


La Green Tea (Makes one 12 oz serving)

½ cup green tea (chilled)

½ cup orange juice

½ cup pomegranate juice

Squirt of lemon

This is a spa day antioxidant powerhouse in a glass. Green tea, pomegranate, and lemon work together to fight cell degeneration, slow the aging process, and promote healthy vibrant skin. Feeling so good on the inside never looked so good on the outside.

Juice pomegranate separately, juice the orange and lemon together, and mix tea and water in a separate glass. In a tall glass over ice, pour in pomegranate juice first, followed by the orange juice very slowly, and finally, the green tea.


Matcha recipe Hello World from Superfood wi Jason Manheim

Hello World (makes two 16 oz servings)

1 cup fresh or frozen organic blueberries

2 big handfuls of organic greens (whatever that you have on hand)

1 small banana

½ avocado

1 tsp Matcha

1 cup water

1 cup almond rice

1 cup organic raw whole milk

This is the perfect introduction to the language of green drinks. A quick look at the source code of this drink and you’ll be surprised that its creamy blueberry goodness delivers such a great flavor and nutrition. The energy surge will have you coding “Hello World” every morning.


Superfoods Smoothies by Julie Morris

This is another smoothie book filled with good for you recipes and I found of some that are made with tea.

Green Tea Goji

Tea and goji berries are almost synonymous in China, where Goji grows indigenously. It makes sense that they easily come together in this smoothie, which reminds me of green tea ice cream.  If you can’t find it, Matcha powder finely mulled makes a healthy and flavorful addition to this smoothie.

Recipe makes 2 -16 ounces

¼ cup raw cashews

1 frozen banana

3 tablespoon dried Goji berries

½ cup apple juice

1 cup of prepared green tea


1 cup ice

Sweetener to taste

Blend together al ingredient, except the ice, until smooth. Add the ice and blend once more until frothy. Taste and sweetened if desired.


Green Tea Pear (Makes 2 -16 ounce servings)

Between the metabolism-boosting green tea and the filling-yet-low calorie chia gel, this smoothie healthfully assists with weight loss in a refreshing way. It’s also the least heavy and lowest calorie recipe in the book.


3 cups chopped very ripe pear

½ cups green tea, chilled

1 cup chia gel

1 teaspoon wheat grass powder sweetener to taste

Blend all the ingredients together until smooth, taste and sweeten as desired.


Tea with Ainee continues to be pleasantly surprised in finding that most books contain some tea mention. It is an experience that can be shared by all; in that tea is a universal language. When I am least expecting of it, I find some persons partaking in the experience of simply having or fixing a cup of tea.

seeming like a teapot but more like an urn Paradise City Fairs in Marlborough MA


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee and some good reading of mysteries, at times a haunting read.

Tea with Ainee


Some good reading of mysteries; the likes of Gabriel’s Clock, Witches Bane, Coriander, and My Berlin Kitchen…to naming of a few.

Teatime with ainee N reading of several mystery books and of tea mention…

Adopt the Pace of Nature: Her Secret is Patience.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson”

Tea readers who frequent of Tea with Ainee may at times find me doing more reading than they may want to hear of. I hope readers don’t tire for the tea happening that I encounter; and I am always pleasantly surprised, and I enjoy making mention of them in this blog.

Herb and Spices and tea shop window's display with teapot

suggested reading:

Gabriel’s Clock by Hilton Pashley is an e-book that I obtained from a library’s suggested E-reads.

Gabriel's Clock by Hilton Pashley bookcover

The town is Hobbes End, created by the fallen God Gabriel, as his wings soak the Earth when he landed from his fall. His powers grew weaker as the town continues to develop and have civilization; town dwellers.


Tea mentioning:

“Savantha nodded, and Gabriel swiftly returned with a steaming mug of tea.”

“Take a seat and I’ll put the kettle on. Ignatius will be through in a bit; he’s just writing in his journal”

“Gabriel smiled and nodded, watching Grimm as he went about one of is favorite activities: making tea.”

“Probably a good idea” said Edgar. “I have a feeling that the who ever he is, he’s in for an interesting stay. “Right, then, a cup of tea.”

“Right”, said Grimm.” I am going to get you a mug of tea first.”

“Is that tea for me asked Jonathan— “Oh, yes,” said Ignatius. “Have a sip, it’ll make you feel much better.”

“Now I have heard everything, more tea anyone?”


What is interesting with this new experience for me is that I am reading E-books on my Nook that was given to me as a birthday present. So I am learning some new skills and it was while reading of this book that I discover that one could highlight of text and find out how many mention for a particular word, like ‘tea’ for example and the reader will give you rows and upon rows of mentioning of ‘tea’; this experience dispels all that I had been doing with having to spot of tea happenings.


Deadline by John Sandford

Tea mentioning:

“She came to the door carrying a cup of herbal tea.”


Coriander by Sally Gardner

Coriander by Sally Gardner

Tea mentioning:

“My mother came into the room with a bunch of herbs.”

“The heat outside. The heat in the room. The heat in my body. So much heat that it was hard to breathe. I was propped up in bed and given bitter tea to drink…”



My Berlin Kitchen by Luisa Weiss

My Berlin Kitchen by Luisa Weis

Tea mentioning:

“Berlin on the same latitude as Labrados s a cold, dark place in winter. The sky is cloaked in clouds for days on end, and day light seeps through weakly for only a few hours a day. Winter can be unrelenting in Berlin. Anyhow, if you manage to get through it, paddling yourself with enough cookies and hot tea, cozy cashmere throws, and sheepskin-lined boots and taking brisk walks up Berlin’s mountain, the man-made teufelsberg, while a desolate wind whistles around your ears, you will be richly rewarded.”


This book contained many recipes as the narrator cooks her way around four countries. She describes her life as having “grown up all mish mashed like I have with an American passport, an Italian citizenship and a birth certificate issued in West Berlin, it might take you a little longer than usual to figure out your place in the world. You’re this strange little hybrid of a person, easily adaptable, fluent in my languages, an outsider every where. It’s the perfect background for becoming a spy, really though much to my chagrin the CIA has never approached me.”


Some recipes that I found worth mentioning from My Berlin Kitchen are: Elder flower syrup, a recipe that makes two 1-litter bottles…this calls for gathering 20-25 large Elderflower sprays, 3 or 4 organic lemons washed and sliced paper thin with the seeds removed; 3 ½ tablespoon of citric acid; 3 pounds plus 6 ounces of sugar. ; and the Gooseberry Cream cake which is an 8 inches round layer cake; and this Spice Plum Butter is another sweeter than sweet concoction that I took delight in.


Mademoiselle Coco Chanel and the Pulse of History by Rhonda K. Garelick

Mademoiselle Coco Chanel and the Pulse of History by Rhonda K. Garelick

Many books have been written about Chanel. This book does an exemplary submittal into her life and work. What I am noting are the things that I did not know about her from previous reading. The chapter titled: Grand Duke Dmitry gives some insight into Chanel’s soul and persona that I had not come across before.

“When I realized that my business had a life, my life, and a face, my face, a voice, my own and when I realized that my work loved me, obeyed me, and responded to me, I gave myself over to it completely and I have since then no greater love.”  Essentially, Chanel would marry her only faithful partner: Work. Chanel remained more driven than ever by other desires; for nature, for influence, and for a place in the broad sweep of history.

History fascinated her as this was a way to reinvent—for she sought a role in an abstracted, impersonal narrative, and history indeed did open its arm to her. Through her connection with Dmitry—Grand Duke, she grew acquainted with Russian Expatriate Community of Paris –the Aristocracy exiled by the Bolshevik Revolution with which she would develop deep artistic ties.

Chanel was always impressed by money and titles because she was ashamed of her roots. Instead of being proud of where she came from, she tried fiercely to hide her origin.  Chanel diabled in the occult as she was drawn to Christian Mysticism, she even invented her own talismans of power by designing details that mimicked royal insignia or military medals and were intended to convey the transformative aura of social privilege.

With all the wealth she possesses; she still hunger to be more. She tried her hand at being a writer; a poet and gave the world some good lines:

“Lie if you must, but never in detail or to yourself.”

“True generosity is to accept in gratitude.”

“Elegance is not the opposite of poverty. It is the opposite of vulgarity and negligence.”

“He who knows weakness is truly stronger than he who blindly believes in force.”

“An opinion is a strickly personal sentiment to which we grant the importance of a universal truth.”

I have tried to be both invisible and present.” Says all the more of this mystic known to the world as Chanel. Her employees say this of her; they see it as a vocation; “You’ve got to feel it in your gut. “Chanel is a religion.” Said an Executive… “You are inside it or you are not. It’s a spritit.”

Gabrielle Chanel (1863- 971) –Boix de Vaux Cemetery; Lausanne Switzerland


Tea mentioning:

“On December 16, 1916, Felix Dmitri and a group of confederates attempted to kill Rasputin by feeding him “tea cakes” with cyanide.”


The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah

The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah

Tea mentioning:

“I am all right, thank you. A cup of strong, hot tea is all I need.”

“Face to face with the devil,” as flyaway hair has remarked. Yet as far as Poirot could see, there was no such sight for Jennie to behold, only the square room with its tables, chairs, wooden hat and coat stash in the corner, and its crooked bearing the weight of many teapots of different colors, pattern and sizes.”


Tea purchases previously

Zhena's Slim Mate Cranberry Ginger Tea sold at Vitamin World Zhena's Slim Mate tea display at Vitamin World Solomon Pond

Zeena’s Slim Me Cranberry Ginger is made of Green Coffee Bean Extract, African Mango Seed, Raspberry Ketone, Green Tea, and Garcinia. All that I can say is that I enjoy this tea immensely. I have several of the individual round tea bags warp in a sandwich bag and I add them to the bottle of water that I have with me daily and I simply sip of this tea and it eases all my troubles away. I purchased this tea at a Vitamin World for a a few dollars, they had a sale and I am sorry to not have purchased what was left.


Lemon grass Fever Grass tea Latin Carribean Grocers in Cambridge MA

Lemon Grass (Fever Grass) by Caribbean Dreams whose motto is “not only taste good, it’s good for you.”

I purchase of this tea at a Carribean grocery market store near where I visit to get my hair done. I went in one day after my appointment to purchase some gum and found that they had teas as well. I like Lemon Grass as it tends to be similar to Chamomile Tea but not as nice as a hot cup of Chamomile. Anyhow, this tea is made with 100% Lemon Grass and one is instructed to use one bag per tea cup; simply pour in boiling water and steep for 3-4 minutes. Add a touch of honey or sugar if desired. I did not add anything but the water to the tea bag. I had it nicely hot and it brewed to a light yellow color; on the pale side of things with hints of grass…fevering even.

For more information visit www.jamaicanteas.com or write to them at info@jamaicanteas.com

“““““““““““““““““`Tea with Ainee enjoyed several cups of tea while perusing of these tea findings and mentioning.  I am happy to say that tea continues to have that strange influence over my mood; a strangeness in power; in that it can change the way I see of things, changing it for the better, so that I can have hope where there may have not been any before. Because without tea, I would give up, residing only in discouragement and despair which at times I feel it so over whelming-ly so. Anyhow, it is becoming serendipitous by nature or habitual it seems like. If stopping here for a visit, imploring of all, to keep the warmth alive!


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee viewing of teapots, teacups at Wayside Antiques and White Dog Gallery of West Boylston, MA

Tea with Ainee


Teatime with ainee ventured to West Boylston to visit some gallery of photography and this antique shop by the wayside of the road.

Shelves of teapots and teacup dinig area of White Dog Gallery Fine Art Gifts Tea and Cards

 For all the many teapots and teacups viewed on this day; poetry suits them well:

When the world is all at odds
And the mind is all at sea
Then cease the useless tedium
And brew a cup of tea.
There is magic in its fragrance,
There is solace in its taste;
And the laden moments vanish
Somehow into space.
The world becomes a lovely thing!
There’s beauty as you’ll see;
All because you briefly stopped
To brew a cup of tea.–– Anonymous

three teapots at Wayside Antiques tan pink and blue florals teapot at Wayside Antiques owl teapot at Wayside Antiques miniatures in teapots teacups in display case at Wayside Antiques Vermont Miniature teapot teacup set at Wayside Antiques shelf of teapot and tea cups at White Dog Gallery Fine Art Gifts Tea and Cards

three teapots at Wayside Antiques white floral and a light blue print teapot three at Wayside Antiques blue floral teapot printed red dots at Wayside Antiques black teakettle at Wayside Antiques

table with teapots plates and wall photos at Wayside Antiques


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee and a visit to Paradise City Fairs of Fine and Functional Arts

Tea with Ainee


Teatime with ainee attended the Paradise City Fairs and found some tea items worth mentioning.

“A barrier is an interruption in the flow of work that can stop you (if you let it) from producing the results you intend. And a belief as it relates to barriers in the ability to see that barriers are (approaching) opportunities to improve the way you do your work—The Valuable Office Assistant by Michelle Burke


Paradise City Fairs  www.paradisecityarts.com/

I attended this fair as a result of being given a post card to attend and such was the pleasure to be had for having attended. Those in attendance saw the goods presented by artists as an opportunity to start their Christmas shopping while others shopped for their own pleasures. We walked away with a lovely garden bug for yard of our in-laws.

India House was present at Paradise City Fair, and they did have cups of masala chai for sale, but I did not sample of this

India House luncheon area at paradise city fairs of fine and functional arts

I did view some teapots and mugs which I wanted to present here.

glazed teapot umber like at Paradise City Northampton fairs teapot and mug at Paradise Festival of Funtional Arts in Northampton, MA lovely glazen teapot at Paradise City Northampton Functional art


 Books in Review:

Some reads have also led me to want to share of tea mentioning:

All Souls by Edith Wharton

“Agnes before leaving her had made everything as comfortable as possible. She had put a jug of lemonade within reach, and had even (Mrs. Clayburn thought it odd afterward) insisted on bringing a tray with sandwiches and a thermos of tea.”

“I was a fool not to let her leave the tea besides the bed, as she wanted to.”

“Then she remembered that Agnes; on leaving her the evening before, had refused to carry away the tray with the tea and sandwiches, and fell on them with a sudden hunger.”

“Mrs. Clayburn poured some of the brandy into her tea, and swallowed it greedily.”

“I am not going to leave you for more than a minute—just to get you a cup of tea’ I reassured her; and she lay stilled”

“I left the door open, so that she could hear me stirring about in the pantry across the passage, and when I brought her the tea she swallowed it gratefully, and a little color came into her face.”


Jane Austen’s First Love by Syrie James

Jane Austen's First Love by Syrie James

“Oh, but it does. You wrote this one in September 1796 when you were in Kent. Here you speak of Miss Fletcher: she wore her purple muslin, which is pretty enough, tough it does not become her complexion. There are two traits in her character which are pleasing; namely, she admires Camilla, and drinks no cream in her tea.”


Cliff House Strangler by Shirley Tallman

The Cliff House Strangler by Shirley Tallman

“Mrs Seacrest arrived at my office promptly at two o’clock. This time, I was ready to offer her fresh tea and a dish of assorted cookies and cakes.”

“Do you have time for a nice cup of tea? My neighbor called up to me.”


I want to move the world but in order to do of such there must be movement on my part; as of this posting this is not possible. what little I do, is not significant enough. Yet, at times I continue to chip at the barriers that I continue to find myself behind of.


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee during a visit at Bigelow Mobile Tea Bar

Tea with Ainee


Teatime with ainee attended the Bigelow Mobile Tea Bar during one of their Tour Schedule in the Boston area.

image of bird on floor at Whole Foods MarketsWhen I sip of tea, I find that there is always hope for better, especially if tea is nicely hot and is to be enjoyed in one’s quietude, thus becoming solace of sort to being the soul’s nourishment!–

Bigelow Tea


“After 70 Years, Bigelow is taking their family’s passion for tea on the road…”

after 70 Years' Bigelow Mobile Tea Bar is in action with visitors to this event

I received an email with a schedule for Bigelow Mobile Tea Bar event and I thought to go in town and see what it is all about. No, I impulsively wanted to see what their tea bar was all about. I sent an email reply asking for the address of the Whole Foods Market where the event was to have taken place and they were kind enough to provide the address. I then tried to map out the directions but this was not helpful to me. I ended up phoning Whole Foods Market (http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/) and got very specific details on how to get there. The associate who provided the directions was very exact; she was most helpful to getting me to their front door without getting lost. I only had to ask once; to make sure I was on the right street.

Bigelow Tea tent and Bigelow Tea van Whole Foods parking area

Anyhow, when I reach the Whole Foods Market parking lot, sure enough there was the Tea Bar Mobile.  I walk up to them and greeted them and a young lady offered me a cup of tea; she asked which one would I like to sample. I asked her for Matcha but they do not make Matcha; I then asked for Oolong Tea and she gave me a tea bag and asked that I open of it to enjoy the aroma from the tea bag. True enough, the aroma was that of roasted chestnuts or such. She gave me a cup of very hot water and put my tea bag in it and closed the lid. I let it steep a while as it was very hot.

Bigelow Mobile Tea Bar in Boston 9-19 thru 9-24 Catchem if u can

I went around snapping some photos of the Mobile Tea Bar, the Bigelow Tea van and some guests approaching to sample of their teas.  I think this took about five minutes or less. I asked the Bigelow Tea Representative why they were here today.  She said that it was to bring focus to this family’s tea history and company; for folks to be introduced or re-introduced to Bigelow Tea and its family history.

Bigelow Mobile Tea Bar schedule coupons and oolong tea bag Whole Food deal flier

She gave me coupons and another Oolong Tea bag to take with me and asked me if I would go in to visit Whole Foods. I said that I had not been there before and that I might take a look.  As I entered the Whole Foods I was greeted with an escalator and this made me think of Trader Joe’s Copley Store as they have an escalator when one enters.  Prior to going to the escalator, I saw a cart filled with Bigelow Teas and took photo of this as well.

Whole Foods Market front River Street Cambridge

Whole Foods September wall calendar Whole Foods Simply Delicios Catering Van

Whole Foods Market signage from escalator

Bigelow tea shelf Yorkshire Gold Twinnings teas on shelves tea shelves at Whole Foods Market

Rishi Sweet Matcha Tea box

In all this was a good experience and not at all demanding. I did purchase a pair of men’s socks very brightly colored that I may wear it and a box of Rishi Sweet Matcha Tea while at Whole Foods Market.


Bigelow's Tea crate selling for 3.39 a box

Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee and reading of Nomad by Sibella Court

Tea with Ainee


 Teatime with Ainee and of the book, Nomad; A global approach to interior style…viewing of the world corners whilst at Duncan Donuts one morning.

Where true principles lack, the results are imperfect.—Henry Madathanas. And with the idea of the Nomad stems forth these words from the poem titled:

The Life of the Nomad by The Amir Abd al-Qadir

“For fame we have sold our citizenship forever, for fame is not won in the town! We are kings! None can compare himself with us! Does he then truly live, who lives in shame?”

my little teapots stuff of new this year


Nomad by Sibella Court

A global approach to interior style

Nomad a global approach to interior style by Sibella Court

I viewed of this book while at Duncan Donuts one morning waiting for my yoga class to begin. I mean it was early in the morning and I went in to pass the time. I had this book with me and so I began to leaf through it. I found it contained favored objects from Japan and New Mexico; specifically it explained the many uses of Bamboo.

What Bamboo Can Make

The many uses of bamboo in Japan: chairs are made, utensils, teapots, tea kettles, scaffolding, tea whisks (for their famed Matcha, perhaps!), ladles, and spoons are made from bamboo; as well as matting, screens, kitchen ceiling, pipe covering, teapot handles, bridges, shoes, sandals, and garden tools to naming of a few. Wow.

There was a small section on heavy luggage, nothing to do with bamboo. I am noting the comment on this traveler collecting of stones to bring back home as this made me think of the many times I collect stones or rocks from the beach and my walk about; and recently I threw a bucket full of precious stones (odd in shapes and texture) as I was cleaning out my storage unit and I could not find reason for keeping of such a thing. I have others but not as fine as those I threw away, I am sorry to admit now.

Anyhow, this book made me see the world as not or ever seen because I don’t travel except when reading such a book the like of this reading.  I may be deported one day; like black mailed or such to pay up or else. I am fearful; for my life has come to be of this emptiness and nothingness. That is why I have been blogging, all the while hoping for a better ending than this, surely I thought there might be more out there for me? Anyhow, there was an exhibit in this book celebrating of the artist Frieda Khalo Diego Rivera, whose exhibit was lovely; depicting Mexican pride. ..or such; I enjoyed of this as well because her work was familiar to me; like when seeing the work of O’Keefe depicted, one immediately recognize her work. This is what I mean; familiarity breeds the same thoughts and emotions.

Tea mentioning:

teahouse in Damscus viewed in Nomad book


Teahouse in Damascus and yet it was a coffee house and what a coincidence as I was seated at a Duncan Donuts while perusing of this Nomad book read.  I like learning that the famed Damascus rose scent stems from Damascus so anytime one is fortunate to obtain a rose scented fragrance one is to think of this ancient place…


Tea with Ainee ends with this reminder of how tea masters guarded their treasures with religious secrecy, and it was often necessary to open a whole series of boxes, one within another, before reaching the shrine itself—silken wrapping within whose soft folds lay the holy of holies. Rarely was the object exposed to view, and then only to the initiated.—Kakuzo Okakura

This tea legacy brought to the world from farthest east to Europe, the Mediterranean, to the Americas, and back again and continuing always in ways not ever imagine and enjoyed similarly by all who have come to know of the having of tea!


Duncan Donuts everyone stops here

Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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Tea with Ainee & Jane of Lantern Hill, a reading of…

Tea with Ainee


Teatime with ainee ~~~~Tea and books—mmmmmm, two of life’s exquisite pleasures that together bring near – bliss.—Christine Hanrahan

What more is to be said of this divine elixir?

Take care not to spoil its purity,

For drinking wipes clean all dust and pain—

A drought of spiritual grace.

From the mountain,

Where it naturally lives,

I brought a tree to my own untamed garden.

The tree, to my great delight, flourished,

And now I can invite my friends over for some.—Wei Ying Wu

a bouquet of flowers in teapot needlepoint at Oh my gosh antiques


Reading has gotten me into more and more worrisome trouble; I plug at it when not too depressed. Taking heed knowing that I will have to stop doing of this soon.

Stop of what?

This blogging and copying of others, as they are paid to do this, while I am not paid or known. Anyhow, I frequent the library more time than not. I have made mention of attending library book sales. Well this is how I came to stumbling on this book title

Jane of Lantern Hill by L. M. Montgomery

Jane of Lantern Hill Montgomery

Afternoon Tea

“An afternoon tea was in progress at 60 Gay when she arrived there. The big drawing-room, decorated lavishly with pale pink snap-dragons and tulips and maidenhair fern, was full of people. Mother, in orchid chiffon, with loose trailing lace sleeves, was laughing and chatting. Grandmother, with blue-white diamonds sparkling in her hair, was sitting on her favourite needle-point chair, looking, so one lady said, “Such an utterly sweet silver-haired thing, just like a Whistler mother.” Aunt Gertrude and Aunt Sylvia were pouring tea at a table covered with Venetian lace, where tall pink tapers were burning.”


Happy teas to all and thank you for reading!

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